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20 May

A guide to make your décor truly inspirational with UPVC Windows and Doors!

Posted 10:13 am, May 20, 2021 by AIS Windows / Category: Doors ,UPVC Doors

Doors create an illusion of space by opening up an entire wall and exposing the outdoors. As a result, they are one of the best ways to create a sense of openness in your home, even when it doesn’t actually follow an open-floor plan!

By using our UPVC windows and doors, you can leverage this concept and fill your home with a décor element that not many can boast of – natural light! This guide will tell you everything you need to know about using UPVC windows and doors!

Being sure of the materials

UPVC is a type of vinyl that’s used to create window and door frames. As it is a versatile material, you can get it in any colour or pattern. So, the first question you must answer before zeroing in on the UPVC windows and doors for your home is – what colour should you pick?

While white UPVC doors can blend in with the walls (if you have cream or ivory walls), black can create a bold frame around each window and door. The latter is more suitable for homes with contemporary and minimalist décor, while the former can work with more classic styles. You can also get your UPVC windows and doors painted in a way to emulate wood. This would be perfect for homes with rustic or antique décor.

Deciding where to place our UPVC windows and doors

Once you’ve picked the colour, you must determine how many walls you want to convert into doors. Of course, a large part of this decision will depend on the construction of the home and whether certain walls are load-bearing. You may also consider other factors such as the probability of sunlight while deciding where you want these doors. 

If your home has balconies or front/backyards, then the decision is easier to make. However, if you’re remodeling a home, a lot depends on the factors mentioned earlier.

You can also place UPVC windows in the master bedroom and kitchen for added ventilation in your home. Additionally, if your home faces a park and you’re not too thrilled by the sound of children playing in the evenings, using a  door would be a great idea as it also offers a certain degree of noise isolation. 

Pro tip: Wherever possible, place plants near your UPVC windows and doors to simulate the look of nature. This can be particularly helpful if you live in an apartment complex and most of your windows face concrete walls. 

Maximising Light in your home!

When you’re installing doors and windows in your home, do not simply have contractors place them in the most convenient location – your balcony. Now, this might seem a little odd so hear us out! If your balcony does not face scenery worth looking at, or does not get a lot of sunlight, you won’t really be able to enjoy all the benefits of our UPVC windows and doors.

While you can certainly add these windows to open up the space, do look around your apartment to see where light naturally enters and then ask our contractors whether its possible to install the windows over there. 

With light pooling into your home, you can ensure that these doors and windows don’t just look great, but offer great functionality too. There’s honestly nothing prettier than natural light, so make sure you use our UPVC windows and doors to fill your home with it.

Pro Tip: Use gauzy curtains for a colourful pool of light that fills your living room in the evenings. 

Minimising your heating bill!

When you install doors and windows in your home, you get to enjoy an unexpected advantage – UPVC windows and doors are built in a way to maximise the insulation in your home. What does this mean? Well, once the doors and windows are shut, heat will not escape the home easily.

As a result of this, you might end up using lower amounts of electricity. The savings on your electricity bill will certainly reflect in your bank account! Plus, you get to boast of having a smaller carbon footprint than most of your peers.

Placing UPVC doors inside the home!

When you have the chance to remodel your home, you get to build it to suit your needs entirely. Say you have a large living room, but want to create a separate space for dining and daily use. However, there aren’t any spare rooms in your home that can be used for the same. What do you do?

If the construction of your house allows it, you can easily install a glass wall with a UPVC door to demarcate the dining and living area. This offers two main benefits. The first is that you get to separate the space and use it the way you intended. The second is that you don’t end up eating into the spaciousness of your home. Sure, you’ll be cutting the living room smaller, but the glass wall and door will maintain that original sense of spaciousness. 

Another way to utilise the same concept is by creating a small space to function as your study. With most people working from home now, an at-home office with a certain degree of sound isolation is definitely the need of the hour. The glass walls will ensure you’re not cutting yourself off from your familial duties as your family can see you and still feel like you’re at home. You can create a very interesting minimalist-Scandinavian office space by using this idea!

Installing UPVC doors inside the bathroom!

In small bathrooms, UPVC doors can be used to create a shower-cabinet by closing off the shower area and ensuring that the rest of the washroom doesn’t get wet each time you have a bath. With this, you won’t have to use shower curtains that periodically get messy. Instead, our durable products can be used to build a modern bathroom that is spacious, filled with light, and completely clean.

Similarly, if you want to improve the ventilation in your bathroom, installing a small window can definitely be the right way to go. 

A quick note on durability!

Often, when people think about doors and windows, they feel a little wary of the idea as they believe that such elements are not safe. After all, glass breaks rather easily, right? 

Fortunately, that’s not something you need to worry about when it comes to our products. With durable materials used, such as reinforced glass and PVC for the sliders, we ensure that our doors and windows will last you a lifetime.

In Conclusion

As you can see, our UPVC windows and doors are highly versatile and can be used to create a wonderful home with inspirational decor. Have a word with our consultants to understand how you can maximise your space and transform your old home into a beautiful abode. Explore our products today and  build the perfect home in no time.

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