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Window Glass Types: Find the Ideal Solution for Your Home

Choosing the right window design is essential when redoing your home or building it from scratch. With so many options in the market, you can be spoilt for choice. The idea is to go for the type that accentuates the look of your home without ignoring the required functions. While deciding on the frames, you must consider the type of glass as well. Choosing the right glass window doesn't really need you to be an expert; a basic understanding of the terminology and window glass types is enough. This is where AIS Windows, one of the leading window glass manufacturers in India, assists you in your endeavour to choose the perfect frame for your house. Here are some of the globally acclaimed window glass types you may consider:

Acoustic Window Glass

Living next to a busy street can be very exhausting at times owing to the perpetual commotion. This means disturbed sleep and to avoid that, you must opt for our specially designed Silent Windows that block noises from outside.

We offer soundproof glass - AIS Acousticglas that comprises of a specialised PVB interlayer that minimises the transfer of noise. This glass type is a perfect amalgamation of high durability and superior aesthetics. When featured with our uPVC frames and double sealed-mechanism, it offers excellent sound insulation and a tranquil environment.

Privacy Window Glass

Privacy is essential, and it requires relevant fixtures and solutions. Installing privacy window glasses is the ideal solution. It is manufactured by sandblasting or acid-etching clear sheets of glasses to roughen the surface. Install it with our attractive designer wooden window frames to elevate the kerb appeal of your house.

We offer AIS Krystal Frosted Glass that is the ideal type for privacy glass windows. Its translucent properties scatter the light passing through and allow controlled visibility while still transmitting light.

Safety and Security Glass

This window glass design is a type of safety glass globally acclaimed for its high durability. It comprises of tempered safety glass, PVB laminated glass, and heat-toughened safety glass to keep the homeowners safe. However, the glass alone is not strong enough to withstand heavy impact. Install these glasses in our sturdy aluminium window frames for maximum security. We offer the latest frames at the best window glass prices in India.

AIS Windows offers 3 types of safety and security glasses:

AIS Securityglas – Equipped with specialised PVB interlayer that makes it highly durable and thus prevents burglars from breaking in.

AIS StronglasIt is a tempered glass that is highly durable as compared to any ordinary glass. Also, if it breaks, it shatters into minute granules to prevent people from getting injured.

AIS Valuglas – With utmost aesthetic appeal and unmatched strength, it is a highly-secured laminated glass. Also, it is distortion free and has greater stability.

Energy Efficient Glass

Insulation glass is a combination of 2-3 panes of glass that are either separated by vacuum or inert gasses like argon, which enhances its insulation properties. Install this glass with our energy-efficient uPVC frames for better insulation. They ensure that the interior temperature remains unaffected by the weather changes outside. Consequently, the need for air conditioning reduces, which ultimately reduces electricity bills. You can expect reasonable windows glass prices in India at AIS Windows.

We offer 3 types of energy efficient glasses:

AIS Ecosense Glass - By absorbing and reflecting large amounts of heat, this glass type reduces electricity bills and keeps the indoors cooler. This window glass design is available in 3 categories:

  • Enhance (Solar Control)
  • Exceed (Solar Control with Low-E)
  • Essence (Low-E)

AIS Opal – Available in a huge array of colours, shapes sizes, and thickness, it meets your every need for designing. Also, it is high durability and has a longer lifespan owing to the cutting-edge CVD technology used in its manufacturing process.

AIS SunShield – Coated with a protective layer, it has the ability to keep you safe from UV radiations. It reduces glare and makes your house energy efficient.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the life span of wooden windows?

Wooden windows have an average life of 50-60 years. With proper maintenance, they can last generations.

What are the best window designs for villas?

Casement windows are commonly used as villa windows because of their appealing design. They are ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms. Also, sliding windows, double hung windows, and fixed windows are other villa window designs that offer opulent designs.

How much does a window glass cost?

The window glass price depends on the type of the glass and frame you choose. While float and annealed glasses are less expensive, laminated and insulating glasses cost a little more.

Which is cheaper aluminium or wooden glass windows?

Aluminium glass windows are generally lighter and cheaper than wooden glass windows. However, aluminium glass windows consist of Polyamide that has insulating properties and cost the same as wooden windows with glass.

How do I pick the right glass type for the windows?

The key to choosing the perfect glass type for the wood or aluminium glass windows is self-education. Once you are aware of all the pros and cons of the glass, you can make the right decision of choosing the perfect glass for your house, office or villa windows.

Why should I choose AIS Windows?

Meeting customer goals since 1984, AIS Windows offers 360° solutions with an array of options. AIS Windows provides end-to-end service for complete customer satisfaction. With years of experience and presence in most major cities, AIS Windows is one of the leading window glass suppliers in India.