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Boost Aesthetics of Your Home with Front Window

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Front Window Types for Home

Much like the displays of high-end fashion stores, a front window to your home can give a sneak peek into your individuality and design sensibilities. Shabby entrance windows make a bad impression on a passer-by or visitor; an impression which remains in their memory regardless of the beauty of the interiors. Content is not more important than form, but must go hand in hand with it. If you are wondering how to improve or upgrade the aesthetic appeal and style quotient of your entire home, then you can do so by focusing on your front window. Design your home with the front window as your prime focus point because it is!

Because You don’t Get a Second Opportunity to Make a Solid First Impression

Your front window plays a crucial role in flooding your home with light and warmth; it also helps facilitate proper air circulation. Front windows are also vital in providing a view of the home’s entry area. But, what most homeowners don’t take into consideration is that the front window also adds architectural character and visual appeal to their homes. These windows, facing the entryway, can make or break the look of a home. After all, the very first elements visitors can notice from afar off are your home’s exterior décor, which includes the front window.  You can mix and match different shapes, sizes, and styles to give your home some personality. Choose classic casements and French casements or exude grandeur with bay windows; the choice is all yours!

Enhance Aesthetic Appeal with Different Front Window Styles

There are a plethora of different styles or window types available in the market today. Each window style has its unique charm and can add value to your home. Given below are some of them.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are also known for their simplicity of design. A sliding window is a combination of two panels or sashes. Gliding along a track, the two sashes provide a sliding motion back and forth that allows you to open or close the windows. Two variants are available – one sash being operational whilst the other remains fixed, and both sashes that are operational.

Sliding windows are perfect for contemporary-style homes. Incorporating sliding windows in your home can maximise space owing to their working mechanism. The most significant advantage of sliding windows is ventilation. They are an excellent choice for your living space, especially if you have the need to constantly open and close windows.

Fixed Windows

The main aim of fixed windows is to offer aesthetical framing to your house. As it is evident from the name, fixed windows are non-operational windows. The glass pane is fixed within the window frame, and they do not open or close.

Fixed windows are excellent at providing a clear, unobstructed view of the outdoors. If you have a lush green garden in front of your home or want to keep an eye on the entry area, this window type is a perfect addition to your home. Fixed windows can also let in ample amount of sunlight into your living space. As these windows are permanently sealed, they keep unwanted weather elements such as dust, rain, snow, etc. from entering in. Their perfectly sealed characteristic also promotes better energy savings. The simplistic design of fixed windows makes it an incredible choice for minimalist-themed homes.

French Windows

The charm of French windows never goes out of style. French windows are hinged to the sidewalls and can be designed to either open inwards or outwards. Most French windows come with a multi-point lock system which makes them one of the most secure forms of windows. These expansive glass windows offer you a beautiful panoramic view, seamlessly connecting the indoors to the outdoors. Having a home which provides such spectacular view will also increase the resale value of the property. For large spaces, French windows are an excellent option as their very design exudes a sense of grandeur. Plus, you can pair French windows with arched transom to give your modern home a vintage touch.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are a true classic, which makes them an evergreen choice. These windows are hinged, either on the left or the right to open outwards, much like traditional doors. Casement windows are a common type of windows that you can find in residential spaces. These windows can offer a great deal of ventilation and unhindered views of the exteriors.

When installed with correct framing materials and the right kind of glazing, these windows can offer excellent noise and thermal insulation. As these windows generally seal tight, they are able to keep out drafts. Furthermore, when casements windows are opened, the open space is quite narrow, making them a safe choice against intruders.

The designs mentioned above are just some of the styles that you can pick out for your front window. When these styles are paired with the right glass type, they offer a host of functional benefits – privacy, safety, acoustic comfort, and thermal insulation.

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