Front Door Trends to Make Your Home Stand out in 2020

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Are you remodelling your existing space or constructing a new home? As homeowners, we give little importance to fenestrations, especially front doors. However, fenestrations are important for reasons such as structural integrity, lighting conditions, air inflow, floor plan, etc. If you want to tweak the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your home, always consider fenestration designs first. And among fenestrations, start from the entrance – think about the front door!

Why Think about Front doors

Because first impressions are important! A front door is the first thing that guests and prospective buyers notice when visiting your house. How big or small it is, can leave a lasting impression on visitors. From the outside, front doors are the fenestration that add to the edifice’s appeal or sabotage it. Besides, front doors are prone to intrusions from burglars. So, the element of security is also attached and must be thought about.

Also, think of the curb appeal. If your front door doesn’t connect with your surroundings, it won’t attract positive attention. And often, an entry door that resonates with its surroundings is more welcoming. Since it is also the main entrance to your home, a front door sets the mood for the rest of the house.

In India especially, front doors are important from festivals’ standpoint. Be it diyas and rangoli during Diwali, flower decorations during Makar Sakranti and Onam, or lights during Christmas, decorated front doors are a mark of festival celebration.

Front Door Trends In 2020

Since there is a wide range of front doors available in the market, choosing a suitable style can be confusing. Therefore, to streamline your selection process, we have listed down the top front door trends of 2020.

Classic Wooden Doors

Nothing beats the classic designs! If you’re looking for a style that’s timeless, elegant, yet sturdy at the same time, a wooden front door is your best bet. With wooden front doors, you can even go for bigger frames for a dramatic entrance. After all, a wooden entry door is the new synonym for grandeur.

Front doors with Industrial Finish

In contemporary décor, industrial designs rank high. For homeowners trying to incorporate minimalism, a front door with combined steel, brass, or glass elements can enhance the visual appeal. It will offer a restrained yet refined look that reflects modern sensibility well.

Go for the Glass Glamour

Recently, glass has become an indispensable element in architectural designs. And front doors are no exception. Glass front doors may seem unconventional but that’s the appeal, right? Plus, glass benefits include easy maintenance, enhanced lighting conditions, and better ventilation.

Furthermore, glass has undergone several technological advancements. Front doors made of processed glass are stronger, more durable, weather-proof, energy-efficient, acoustic-insulated, and invulnerable to impact, depending upon the type of glass used.

A Burst of Colour

In the past, bright-coloured front doors would’ve come across as daring and out-of-place. However, in 2020, they are embraced as vibrant and beautiful. Don’t be shy, if you want to paint the front door red, teal, orange, or blue – do it. There are no restrictions. How? Well, with the help of back-painted glass! The colours combined with the intrinsic sheen of glass will make for an impressive first impression.

Grey Stains and Glazing

This season, front doors with grey stains and glazing are extremely popular. The muted and understated elegance of grey is a contemporary winner. If you’re searching for front door designs that are simple and laidback, this is a viable option. Best of all, grey-stained front doors complement both urban simplicity and vintage appeal.

Customisable Front doors

Nowadays, many homeowners are switching to custom front doors. With custom front doors, you have the freedom to choose the design, colour, and size, based on your style preference. So there’s a definite design advantage with custom doors. Moreover, they can be personalised, unlike the stock front doors. Depending on your needs, you can couple different elements, not just in terms of aesthetics but also functionality. For example – choose energy-efficient glass or frosted glass orsmart glass, etc.

Over to You

Choose a front door that communicates with your external and internal surroundings. It should complement the house décor while ensuring safety and security parameters. Not to forget, front doors are often the focal point of your façade; they add to the curb appeal.

In 2020, design options are in abundance like the front door trends mentioned above. From there, you can select a front door design most suitable for you and your family’s needs and tastes. However, there are no wrong choices when it comes to fenestrations.

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