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French Windows That Completely Change the Look of Your Home

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Install French Windows

The windows in your home seem like a permanent fixture; a part of your house’s personality that will forever remain etched in stone. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you have plans to revamp the look and feel of your house, do not ignore its windows!

To move away from the cookie-cutter look offered by standard windows, homeowners are now inviting more light and character into their spaces with French windows. Perfect additions to your home, these windows are a breathtaking amalgamation of a door and a large window, designed to open inwards or outwards. 

Why are they called ‘French’ windows?

The French are known to have brought Italian Renaissance architecture back with them post the Great Wars of Italy in the 16th and 17th century. French windows seem to have been influenced by Italian architecture’s emphasis on light and symmetry, where architects combined the need of natural light in a pre-electricity era and the availability of glass to design larger windows, almost the size of a door.

Earlier, due to the fragile nature of glass, they were installed in small panes and frames made of wood and iron. Nowadays, with the growing availability of sturdier glass, panes and frames have grown in size.

Today, you’ll find French windows available in myriad styles and materials. To change the look of your home, you are practically spoilt for choice amongst sliding, louvered (folding), and pivot French windows. While conventionally, the structures were set in frames made of wood and iron, now steel, aluminium, uPVC, and fibreglass are also being used. 

If you’re looking to add more elegance, personality, and ritz to your space, here’s why French windows perfectly fit the bill. 

Invite ample sunlight into your home

French windows are perhaps the most popular for their ability to completely change the character of a room by enriching it with an abundance of natural light. Because most of the window’s surface is comprised of glass, a maximum of outdoor light is invited into your spaces. A room plush with natural light certainly takes on a new hue, a completely different look compared to its former version.

Glam up traditional rooms

When you install French windows in your space, they completely transform its look from traditional to contemporary. At AIS Windows, your options are plenty. Choose from French window frame materials ranging from wood to uPVC, and add a dash of character to your home. 

Visual bridge to other spaces

The trend of using outdoor spaces like the garden, patio, balcony, etc. as a natural extension of the indoors is fast catching on. Homeowners are investing in French windows for a smooth visual transition between the indoors and outdoors. Specifically by using these windows in your living area, you can effectively create a stunning visual bridge to outdoor spaces.

Expanding the sense of space

With the increased amount of natural light gracing your indoors, French windows play a key role in making the interiors feel spacious. French windows also light up adjacent rooms and indoor spaces with little or no scope of natural lighting. 

A stunning view of the outdoors

If you’ve invested a lot of time in maintaining your lovely lawns, tidying the creepers and climbers, wouldn’t you want to enjoy the view from your indoors? French windows, other than adding to the charm of a room, also provide an excellent view of your front and back yards that you have tended to lovingly. 

Thermally efficient

French windows let sunlight in without allowing warmth to escape during winters or cool air to escape in the heat. Thus, they make for an especially thermally-efficient option. You save on energy bills all-year-round while enjoying comfort and an aesthetically pleasing space. 

Complete security

With the use of hinge bolts, security hinges, multi-point lock systems, and a lack of vertical crossbar between the casement windows, French windows are completely safe. In most cases, French windows are used as an additional safe entrance in case of an emergency by homeowners. At AIS Windows, our French windows are equipped with multi-point locks, thus enhancing the safety and security of your spaces.

Transform your spaces with French Windows

Given the ample benefits of French windows, be it aesthetic, architectural, or functional, installing them to revamp the look of your house is a great investment.

If you’re considering remodelling your home with top-drawer French windows, rely on AIS Windows for not just the right product, but also expert consultation. Our French windows feature multi-point locking systems, a grander opening as compared to regular windows, energy efficiency, and complete noise control. Made from high-quality uPVC, wooden, and aluminium frames, our windows are not only durable but also aesthetically appealing. Contact AIS Windows today for an expert consultation session and choose French windows that enhance the appeal of your spaces.

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