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Is PVC harmful to the environment?

Posted 9:15 am, January 20, 2019 by AIS Windows / Category:

PVC-U is inert and as such has little or no negative impact on the environment. The material is long lasting and is fully recyclable. PVC-U
windows and doors are amongst the highest performing fenestration products, having excellent thermal properties and being draught proof too.

“There is absolutely no evidence that vinyl (PVC-u) damages human health or the environment. PVC-U is durable, low maintenance,
recyclable and performs well in LCA tests.” PVC play an extremely important role in the medical and pharmaceutical areas. All the push-out tablet packages are made from PVC foils. Blood bags, infusion tubes and operation gloves are made exclusively from PVC. It is also used for flooring in clinics especially in operating rooms where they have a preference for PVC flooring.