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Everything You Need to Know about French Windows

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About french windows

Sure, you want your home décor to ooze charm, but how do you get there? Begin by choosing the right doors and windows, of course! Often not given their due, your home’s fenestration is a silent champion when it comes to accentuating interiors and ushering in heaps of natural light. And, French windows are pretty much at the forefront of lending luminescence and a unique aesthetic sense to any space.

What are French Windows?

Imagine structures that would result from marrying doors and windows! French windows are full-length hinged double sashes that usually swing inwards or outwards, lending a sense of openness to a room. Thanks to sizeable, sturdy glass panes, French windows work miracles, especially if your home is low on square footage.

Furthermore, with modern advancements, these structures don’t necessarily have to open inwards and outwards. More and more homeowners these days are opting for sliding French doors and windows as they do not need extra space to operate.

A Brief History of French Windows

Are you wondering if these structures are indeed French? Well, they kind of are! The French window design was a result of some cultural mingling between France and Italy around the 16th and 17th century when these countries were at war. After the conflict was resolved, the French came back home with the knowledge of this timeless architectural relic.

The blending of a door into window offered so many advantages that this design became rampant in France and eventually its genius spread across the globe. Therefore, if you are contemplating fenestration for home improvement or are building a haven from scratch, turn to French windows for exceptional aesthetics and advanced functionality.

Benefits of French Windows

It is no secret that the high glass-to-frame ratio of French windows makes for a host of benefits. Here is a list of top advantages of installing these structures at your home or office.

Abundant Natural Light

Imagine waking up to glorious natural light showering through French windows, caressing your face and nudging you awake. Retrofitting your homes with flawless French windows lets in abundant light, thus positively altering the overall atmosphere of a room.

Additionally, if you are fortunate enough to live by the sea or mountains or among lush greenery, French windows allow stunning panoramic views to light up your day. Have you ever wondered why majority of luxury hotels use variants of this classic design in their rooms? Because no other window type offers the same sense of space and light as French windows.

Superior Ventilation

Even in sub-tropical countries like India, one does not wish to use air-conditioning all year round. And, during the summer and monsoon months, French windows can open up an entire wall to let fresh breeze gush inside. This feature is especially significant if you live in a city like Mumbai, where you would not want to miss out on the evening sea breeze.

No other structure offers the same level of ventilation as a French window. Even during summer evenings, you will find that the airing provided by these structures can quickly bring down the hot temperature inside your home.

Safety and Security

A common misconception about French windows is that they do not offer ample protection from unwarranted intrusion. While these windows may seem vulnerable, they provide a great deal of security. How? Firstly, if you wish to install them on an exterior window, you can fortify them by using toughened glass. Secondly, these structures come with the option of multi-point locking, meaning you can get your window expert to install multiple locks along the frame of a French window to enhance safety.

With glass that is near impossible to break and a robust multi-point locking system, French windows are no more or less safe than other types of fenestration.

Easy Access

French windows are secure without compromising on the ease of access to move from one place to another. If your bedroom boasts a spacious balcony or garden view, installing a French window leading into them makes moving in and out highly convenient. Installing French windows is similar to fixing your home or office with more doors, allowing for additional access.

This functionality is especially useful when you are hosting a party or a family gathering, as a group of people may find it easier to sashay around even if you have a small apartment in a high-rise building.

Easy to Maintain

French windows require bare minimum care. All you need to do is wipe these structures with a soft damp cloth once or maybe twice a month. If you live on an especially dusty street, drizzle some soapy water on these windows and then rinse them clean with plain water.

As for the frames, make sure not to use any abrasive material to wipe them clean and grease the grooves for smooth operability. Since glass collects minimal dust and grime, French windows tend to remain sparkling clean for years on end.

Over to You

In addition to all the above benefits, don’t forget that you can get French windows in various framing materials like wood, uPVC, metal, and aluminium. To get the best out of French Windows, rely on AIS Windows. We offer end-to-end solutions for all your door and window needs.

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