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Why Should Everyone Switch to uPVC Doors?

Posted 7:43 am, September 9, 2021 by AIS Windows / Category: UPVC Doors
Why uPVC Doors? Read More

Building and moving into your dream home is a huge milestone and achievement for all of us. Gone are the days when the choices while constructing your home were minimal and you didn’t have much say in the process. Now, you can choose everything, from the colour of the tiles to how the blueprints turn up. You can even decide the material from which the doors are crafted.

What are uPVC doors?

Doors play a key role in securing your home, protecting it from bad weather and keeping it secure. While people who have iron or wooden doors have to deal with rust, shrinking and expanding, unplasticized polyvinyl chloride – uPVC doors remain unaffected by the weather and are very sturdy.

Advantages of installing uPVC doors

If you’ve recently heard about uPVC then you might have doubts regarding its quality and efficiency. So before you go ahead and install traditional doors, read this article to know why uPVC has an edge over other materials.

  • Secure

  • uPVC doors have a galvanized steel layer at the core which makes them difficult to break or damage. Moreover, these can’t be pried open using crowbars so you won’t have to worry about intruders breaking into your house in the middle of the night or while you are away. You can even add enhanced locking mechanisms like deadbolts and cylinder locks to add a layer of security.

  • Durable

  • Unlike wood and metal, uPVC doesn’t rot and can withstand all kinds of weather as it won’t corrode, shrink or expand due to heat, humidity or cold. There won’t be a decrease in its strength which means it’s highly durable and can stand the test of time. You won’t need to replace it frequently and uPVC isn’t prone to combustion which makes it a great material for making doors.

  • Minimal maintenance

  • In today’s fast-paced life, everyone loves a good ol’ shortcut, so it won’t be surprising to see people move to low-maintenance products that don’t take up much time when it comes to cleaning, fixing or replacing. uPVC ticks all these boxes, thanks to its impressive durability and all you need to do is clean it once in a while to get rid of dust or an occasional polish to minimise scratches. You can bid adieu to frequent sanding, varnishing and painting as these termite-resistant doors can be cleaned using a mild cleaning agent and a wipe.

  • Economical

  • You might have realised how much money you can save by installing uPVC doors. These not only require minimal cleaning but also save you from replacing them as they don’t shrink, expand or get rusted. You can get energy-efficient, custom-made doors that will last for years, without spending a fortune and gather praises from your guests while keeping your home safe and warm.

  • Weatherproof

  • You can finally stop complaining about shrinking or expanding wooden or iron doors as uPVC doors aren’t a victim of climatic change. Be it heat, cold or humidity, they retain their original shape and size as they are weatherproof. These rigid doors ensure that no rainwater gets in through the cracks and you won’t even have to deal with any odour due to water filling in the joints or moisture.

  • High insulation

  • Living in a town or a busy street can often get chaotic and disturbing due to all the noise that comes from the surroundings. But you can now block them out and enjoy a cosy evening at home with your loved ones by installing uPVC doors. It provides a high level of insulation by preventing unwanted cold drafts and noise from entering your home so you can enjoy a good night’s sleep. It also prevents thermal bridging (and hence, condensation).

  • Environment-friendly

  • uPVC is environment-friendly as no natural resource is required to manufacture it. It is recyclable and does not contain any lead. The doors also help with saving energy so you don’t have to pay off large bills.

  • Aesthetically pleasing

  • If all those advantages stated above still can’t convince you then you are probably focusing more on the looks of the house as doors heavily influence the style and ambience of your home. You can opt for colourful or transparent doors to soak in the great views and ample lights instead of blocking out everything by installing opaque and dull wooden, iron or aluminium doors.

Now that you have tons of reasons to switch to uPVC doors for the protection and safety of your homes, you might be wondering what’s the best place to buy them from. Don’t worry we have you covered! At AIS Windows, we have decades of experience in the industry, thereby ensuring that we can guide all our customers to choose the perfect products for their needs. Our vast industry knowledge and sense of design has helped us build a reputation for being the best Upvc Manufacturers in India. Additionally, our teams are made of highly professional and competent people who can help you no matter what your needs are. So, whether you’re building a commercial space or a residential one, if you’re looking for the best Upvc doors Manufacturers in India, all you need to do is get in touch with us!

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