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Enhance the Look of Residential House with Modern Window Grill Design

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Sure, you put a lot of thought in choosing the type, size, and frame of expansive glass windows for your home, but do you know what’s just as cardinal as selecting windows? It is the grill you will put on the inside for enhanced safety and security of your household. A modern window grill design is a wonderland of variety, materials, colours, and shapes. And, homeowners are spoilt for choice.

Not only do window grills keep you safer at home, but they are also a critical home décor item. From awarding your dwellings a rustic charm to carving a bold futuristic appearance, modern window grill designs offer them all. Now, the primary objective of installing grills is safety, and therefore, these structures are often metallic. No other material can come close to the kind of robustness iron, aluminium, or steel grills provide.

Factors to Keep in Mind before Choosing Window Grills

Are you wondering which type of grill would suit your modern home? If yes, then before choosing the design, you must lay-out your priorities for selecting window grills.

Why Do You Want to Purchase Window Grill?

Even though grills primarily serve the function of safety, that need not be your sole purpose for buying them. For instance, several people live in high-rise buildings where a break-in through windows is near impossible, but they still adorn their windows with striking modern grill designs. Why? Just because such window grills liven up the interiors of their home. In such a case, these grills and shutters are not always made of metal; wood may also be a choice option. However, if your primary purpose is security, then metallic grills are the obvious choice.

What is the Purpose of Your Purchase?

Remember that pure iron grills are the toughest, after which come cast and wrought iron, then steel and aluminium. Steel is more formidable than aluminium. Therefore, if you know your grills will be exposed to harsh weather and wind conditions, opt for the most rigid material possible. The robustness of your window grill predominantly depends on how crudely it will be used.

Additionally, if you live by the sea, go for aluminium or steel grills. These materials bode well with moisture. However, modern iron grills come with all sorts of powder-coated treatments that keep them entirely rust-free.


You may be constructing the home of your dreams, but there is no harm in keeping a check on your window grill budget. It is no secret that wooden grills and shutters will be the costliest of the lot, whereas steel grills will bring your budget down substantially. So, no point using a wooden grill where aesthetics are not primary like the store or spare room of your house. However, even the most reasonably-priced grills can be painted and finished with a posh upscale look.

Types of Window Grill Designs

Now that you know the parameters to keep in mind while choosing your modern window grill design, it is time to check out the top three styles that are hot this season.

Victorian Wrought Iron Window Grills

Given the malleability of wrought iron, you can opt for ornate, almost Victorian or Georgian style window grills. These structures not only offer immense strength; they also add a hint of opulence and vintage charm to your home. You can get these grills finished with golden dust or painted in any colour of your choice. Ornate wrought iron window grills are a timeless classic. These structures never go out of style and offer a world of customisations and designs, of which at least one is bound to suit your sensibilities.

Straight and Bold Aluminium Grills

Are you looking for a simple, minimalistic look for your window grills? Then look no further than chic and flat aluminium grills. You can get straight aluminium grills installed behind glass windows, or can partially embed them into the glass. Doing this not only adds heaps of modern appeal to your windows but also awards the glass panes with tonnes of strength.

Wood and Metal Shutters

Want aesthetics with a side of strength? Love straight wooden grills more than metal grills, but don’t want to compromise on safety? If you have answered yes to both the questions, consider getting both wood and metal grills. How does this work? Say you want to enhance your home’s décor by installing some woodwork on the inner side of the window. In such a case, you can get a middle layer of concealed metal grills just for added safety.

The Bottom Line

Looking for a fenestration expert for your home improvement project? If so, then turn to AIS Windows – India’s leading window and door experts. We offer a host of door and window glazing, framing and other solutions. State your bespoke preferences to our experts and watch them aid you every step of the way, from selecting to procuring to installing, and not to forget our exceptional after-sales support.

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