21 Dec
Features and Benefits of Casement Windows
Posted by 5:42 am , December 21, 2019 By Satish Garg / Category: UPVC Windows

Looking for elegant and modern window profiles? Consider investing in casement windows. A casement window, simply put, is a window that is attached to the frame on the side by one or more hinges. You can use a singular casement window for your interiors or you can use it in pairs with a common frame. If you use […]

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18 Dec
Reasons to Install Aluminium Windows
Posted by 5:40 am , December 18, 2019 By Satish Garg / Category: Aluminium Windows

Windows are an essential part of every space, and it is vital to take them into consideration while constructing or designing a space. They fill the home with much-needed light and warmth and facilitate proper air circulation. They set the premise for the interiors and leave lasting impressions on passers-by. However, they are not just […]

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15 Dec
Common Myths about Aluminium Doors and Windows
Posted by 5:39 am , December 15, 2019 By Satish Garg / Category: Aluminium Windows ,Aluminium Doors

With the rise in creative innovations in the fenestration industry, doors and window shopping is no longer limited to one or two solutions. Whether you’re looking to install windows that increase the safety measures of your homes and offices or are searching for door designs that scream elegance and grandeur to create a luxurious entrance, […]

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12 Dec
A Helpful Guide to Choosing the Best Glass Windows and Doors for Homes
Posted by 5:34 am , December 12, 2019 By Satish Garg / Category: Windows

Glass windows and doors can instantly amp up the style factor of your home. Moreover, modern technology allows you to utilise glass windows and doors for energy-efficiency, safety, acoustic insulation, and increased privacy. There is hardly any home lacking a glass window or door. However, choosing according to what suits your style, décor choice, and […]

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09 Dec
Six Common Myths about Aluminium Doors and Windows for Your Home
Posted by 5:31 am , December 9, 2019 By Satish Garg / Category: Aluminium Windows ,Aluminium Doors

Today’s discerning homeowner has a wide variety of choices to choose from when it comes to the construction and renovation of their homes. Out of this wide pool of choices, one emerging star has been the metal that has steadily risen from its humble origins of a standard bland colour and a hardwood sub-frame to […]

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06 Dec
Types of Windows that You can Install in Your Spaces
Posted by 5:22 am , December 6, 2019 By Satish Garg / Category: Windows

Windows are not just an ornamental addition to your home and neither are they superficial. They play a crucial part in determining the vibe of that specific room and the appeal of your entire home. Choosing and then installing windows according to what one’s style is and what one wants and requires from one’s home […]

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03 Dec
Aluminium Doors and Windows: Myths and Facts
Posted by 5:14 am , December 3, 2019 By Satish Garg / Category: Aluminium Windows ,Aluminium Doors

Thanks to its high-strength and versatility, aluminium has been used as a construction material for decades. What began with minimal uses in panels and frames of small houses and buildings has grown to become a style statement providing metallic sheen and class to both residential and commercial spaces. Today, aluminium is the ultimate answer to […]

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01 Dec
How to Install Sliding Doors on a Dry Wall
Posted by 4:35 am , December 1, 2019 By Satish Garg / Category: Sliding Doors

Whether you bought a new apartment and wish to decorate it on your own terms or perhaps you bought an old furnished office space that could use some redecorating, interior design requires a lot of patience and work. You may pay attention to every detail and make selections carefully regarding the colour scheme, the type […]

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25 Nov
Window Grill: A Safe Choice for Your Home
Posted by 5:31 am , November 25, 2019 By Satish Garg / Category: UPVC Windows ,Windows

When decorating our homes, we put in our heart and soul to create a chic space that is loved by all. Right from the selection of paint colour for every room to the designs on the chairs in the dining room, you pay attention to every little detail.  And once the big picture items are […]

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23 Nov
Reasons for Replacing Old Windows with Soundproof Windows
Posted by 5:21 am , November 23, 2019 By Satish Garg / Category: UPVC Windows ,Windows

Your home is a safe haven from the outside world. It acts as a getaway from your stressful life – a place where you can go to unwind with your family and melt your troubles away. But imagine entering your home to relax only to be awoken at 2 am by your noisy neighbours throwing […]

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