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Common Mistakes to Avoid During Installation of uPVC Casement Doors

Posted 10:28 am, March 25, 2022 by AIS Windows / Category: UPVC Doors
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uPVC casement doors have emerged as one of the most popular types of doors amongst homeowners. Not only do they look great, but they are also high-durable, which makes them incredibly cost-effective in the long run. If you’re about to install new uPVC casement doors in your home, keep reading so that you know what mistakes to avoid.

What are uPVC casement doors?

A uPVC casement door looks and functions just like a regular door. It has a single hinge and can either be swung forwards or backwards to open and close it. These doors can be used in the main entryway of the home, as well as other areas, such as the patio or the balcony.

What mistakes should you avoid when installing uPVC casement doors?

Here are a few common mistakes that homeowners make when installing uPVC casement doors:

  1. Trying the DIY approach: Learning how to do things on your own is a great idea, but not at the expense of your safety. There are many technical elements that go into door installation and you should not try to do this on your own. If you happen to make a mistake, it will be so much easier for burglars to enter the home! Instead, you should just get in touch with professionals and let them install the uPVC casement doors.
  2. Taking incorrect measurements: The uPVC casement door has to fit perfectly in the desired area, otherwise it can let in air through gaps between the frame and walls. Make sure that you take the measurements carefully. In case you are not sure about the measurements that are required, you can always ask the installation team to come and take the measurements themselves so that there are no errors.
  3. Forgetting to explore glass options: One of the biggest benefits of uPVC casement doors is that they have a plastic frame that is coupled with a large glass panel. This lets in a lot of sunlight and also looks great. However, one of the main mistakes that many homeowners make when buying uPVC casement doors is failing to choose the right glass. uPVC doors and windows are compatible with a host of modern glass solutions such as thermal glass, noise insulation glass, privacy glass and so on. So, you should choose the right glass after evaluating your needs.

Luckily, you can avoid all of these mistakes by getting in touch with us for all your needs!

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