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Check Out the Great Window Frame Design Trends of 2020

Posted 7:28 am, December 18, 2020 by AIS Windows / Category: Windows
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Windows have always featured remarkably in Indian homes – our Khidkis have been our easy access to the Pados for years now.

No wonder we pay such acute attention to window frame details, make sure they represent our values and complement our architectural style favourably.

But aesthetics aside, frames are incredibly pivotal to windows, especially from the functional standpoint since they hold the window panes in shape. Much like a backbone, frames offer structural support to the windows and protect them from harm, come heavy rains or nasty storms.

Not to mention, the make and the material of the window frame will ultimately influence the durability of your window.

Types of Window Frames

Glass and frames are the two primary components in windows you must select wisely because they contribute immensely to how your indoors feel like – warm, cosy, stuffy, sticky? Only your fenestrations will tell! But want to know a trick we often use? Always take climatic conditions into account when you choose your window frames.

Case in point: If you reside in North India, you should choose uPVC window frames which can easily keep out the heat due to excellent thermal insulation. And at the same time, keep you warm when the weather turns chilly by the end of the year.

Once you know which frame will meet your climate needs, you can make a lucrative choice to balance out the functional and visual benefits, effortlessly.

Here are the materials most used for window frames:


Aluminium profiles are synonymous with durability, and often exhibit impressive robustness under harsh weather conditions. Also renowned for sleek lines and sophisticated looks, they can be bent into any shape and sprayed any colour of choice. Moreover, for decades on end, they can maintain the natural shine with virtually zero upkeep requirements.


Available in hardwood and softwood profiles, wooden window frames are classic fenestrations loved by many homeowners, even now. While primarily used for thermal insulation, they also provide a subliminal aesthetic which is easy on the eye yet refined and attractive.


uPVC, or Vinyl as commonly called, has taken over the fenestration market and how! From excellent thermal insulation and efficient noise reduction to unmatched durability, vinyl frames offer myriad benefits at unbelievably economical rates. Stylish and failproof, they are a heavenly combination of form and function you will want in your next remodel projects.


Fibreglass, made with a combination of glass fibre and resin, is a relatively new but extremely efficient window frame alternative. Today, fibreglass window frames favoured for their unmatched energy efficiency, flexible aesthetic appeal, and low maintenance needs. Moreover, they make for solid frames which can withstand harsh environments with relative ease.

Need inspiration for your next home remodel project? Check out some of the hottest window frame design trends of 2020.

Black Window Frames

2020 is all about the bold moves, and far off from the neutral, dull colours which are typically used in “modern” window frames in the last decade. However, in 2020, black is the new black!

Stylish and sophisticated, black window frames can favourably accentuate your architecture style and add dramatic undertones to ramp up the visual appeal. In fact, they make for versatile alternatives which can match any style perfectly – minimalist, industrial, mid-century, or rustic.

The bold hue creates sleek and crisp lines which provide definition to your structures, both inside and outside. Rest assured, your space will transform dramatically and raise the curb appeal to turn heads left and right.

Carved, Ornate Frames

Now, a “modern” window frame design may not be your cup of tea. If you need to add a personal touch, why not mix modern styles with traditional elements? You can combine different substrates to create a unique look.

For example, a combination of wood and vinyl works supremely well if you want to create a statement window. Think Jharokhas, exquisitely crafted wooden frame designs to optimise daylight or harness the perforated accents of jail (Indian lattice screen) for the antique charm. Such mixed finishes are sure to spruce up your interiors beautifully.

Slim Trims

Clean lines and architectural symmetry are the primary trends of 2020 as most homeowners today have turned to a minimal aesthetic. Put simply, they want to do more with less. And so, windows with slim trims and thin rails have become more commonplace.

Contemporary window frame trends are about crisp, deep frame lines which extend the sight-lines. So, ditch the mundane frames in favour of a more refined, nuanced outlook. Go with slimmer frame trims to incorporate the outside elements readily. At the same time, do remember, if you want to secure the best deals, you must rely on a reliable brand like AIS Windows.

With over three decades of experience, AIS Windows has carved a niche in attractive but efficient fenestration solutions. We boast a diverse portfolio of products to match your unique application needs perfectly, from acoustic comfort to thermal efficiency.

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