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Can UPVC doors make a smaller home look spacious?

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Small homes run the risk of looking cramped when the house is not constructed smartly. No one wants to live in a home that feels too small – fortunately, you can make your space seem much larger than it is by simply remodeling a bit. 

Of course this does not mean that you have to break down the entire house and build it from scratch. Something as simple as installing Upvc doors all over the home can help you bring in more light and minimise the bulky look of door frames, thereby making your home look even more spacious.

Not sure if this will work? 

Here are some ways in which Upvc doors can make your home look more spacious.

  1. Use Upvc doors for your balcony

    One of the biggest advantages of Upvc doors is that they typically contain a glass pane. As a result, you can use the transparent nature of the glass to create a sense of space in your home. Using Upvc doors that slide and give access to your balcony is a great idea because of this. Such doors let you look outside, bringing the element of greenery into your home without having to actually place a lot of plants indoors. 

    This brings a refreshing note into your living room, making it seem more open and bigger. Sliding Upvc doors open when the doors slide horizontally along the panels. As a result, the act of leaving the doors open will not create clutter in your home by occupying a lot of space. 

  2. Install Upvc doors and windows in your kitchen

    Every kitchen needs some form of ventilation. Without this, your cooking experience will not be pleasurable as you will always feel too hot while standing near the stove. Ventilation in the kitchen is also important so that there’s no lingering smell of food. This is why many kitchens have tiny windows that can be opened to let the stale air out, and fresh air in.

    Instead of putting regular wire-mesh doors on your kitchen, you should use casement-style Upvc doors. This is because these Upvc doors will perform two major functions for you – they will help bring in more light, which will allow you to see what you’re doing, and they will give you the ventilation that you need. 

    In addition to all this, it will also make your kitchen appear more spacious as such windows trick the eye and make the area look larger. It’s a great way to transform a stuffy-looking kitchen into a more modern and open one.

  3. Use Upvc doors at your main entrance!

    If you have a certain degree of privacy in your home, then you can use Upvc doors at your main entrance too. Imagine your front door looking out into your private lawn, and what’s more – imagine the beautiful sunlight coming in and illuminating your home! If you have a small foyer space, or your Upvc doors open out into your living room, this can help the entire area look bigger and brighter.

    In a similar vein, you can use large Upvc doors in your bedroom if you have a back lawn or a veranda. This will help make your bedroom look larger, and can also bring in more sunlight into the room. You can, therefore, prevent any mustiness from accumulating in your room. 

What are the advantages of Upvc doors?

Advantages of uPVC Doors

Now that you know all the ways in which Upvc doors can be used to make your home bigger, you’re probably wondering why you should choose this material over other ones. Well, there are many advantages that can enhance your user experience. Some of these are:

  • Low maintenance: Upvc doors are made of a very durable type of plastic, which means that they do not suffer damage very easily. As a result, you do not have to worry about periodic maintenance to keep them looking new.
  • Easy to clean: Unlike many other materials, plastic is easy to wipe down and clean. This makes Upvc doors a great option for people who have small children in their home. You won’t have to worry about accidental spills ruining the look.
  • Multiple features: Depending on where you get your Upvc doors from, you can enjoy a range of features that add to your convenience. For instance, you can get thermal insulation or noise insulation glass in the doors to enjoy living in a noise-free space or one that does not heat up too easily. Similarly, you can get reactive glass that does not allow people to look inside if you are worried about your privacy. 

Where can you get the best Upvc doors?

At AIS Windows, we offer high-quality, durable Upvc doors that are also very stylish. Our doors can make your home look very spacious, and are perfect for any aesthetic that you’re trying to create. To know more about our Upvc doors, get in touch with us today!

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