13 Feb
Installing uPVC Windows and Doors
Posted by 6:44 am , February 13, 2020 By AIS Windows / Category: UPVC Doors ,UPVC Windows

Contemporary buildings reflect pragmatism and individual style. Whether it is your home or office, you want a décor choice that suits your tastes and needs perfectly while also being cost-effective. Since fenestration is an essential component of design and décor, most homeowners are resorting to framing materials that are holistic and stylish. If you are […]

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12 Feb
Steps to Install French Doors at Home
Posted by 6:41 am , February 12, 2020 By AIS Windows / Category: French doors

Doors, though a huge part of any home are often given little importance, if any. And even if they are deemed important, it is to the extent of their aesthetics. Notwithstanding aesthetics should be a big consideration in designing or revamping your home’s doors and windows, it should never be sought-after at the expense of […]

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10 Feb
The Main Purpose of Sound Proof Doors in Offices
Posted by 6:37 am , February 10, 2020 By AIS Windows / Category: Soundproof Doors and Windows

Whether you work in a metropolis or a small town, you aren’t immune to deafening cacophonies. When noise infiltrates your working space, focusing on work becomes a challenge. The constant distraction caused by honking horns on the streets or construction going on in the adjacent building not only decreases productivity but also increases the level […]

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07 Feb
Best Ways to Save Space with uPVC Sliding Doors
Posted by 6:29 am , February 7, 2020 By AIS Windows / Category: Sliding Doors

When it comes to preparing a list of dream home renovations and upgrades, rarely, if ever, do doors and windows make it to the list, let alone the top of it Most homeowners are more excited about installing a backyard oasis or setting up a dream dining patio. Though windows and doors may not seem […]

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06 Feb
Aluminium Section Windows – A Detailed Guide
Posted by 11:10 am , February 6, 2020 By AIS Windows / Category: Aluminium Windows

Having been used as a construction material for decades, the importance of aluminium in the fenestration industry is unquestionable. In recent times, architects have been experimenting with aluminium fenestration in both residential and commercial spaces. Aluminium section windows are such a modern-day fenestration solution that is incredibly durable and adds a distinctive style element to […]

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05 Feb
uPVC Doors and Windows – The Best Choice for Coastal Homes
Posted by 8:37 am , February 5, 2020 By AIS Windows / Category: Uncategorized

Living in a high-rise penthouse or a quaint mansion that stands facing the view of the mighty oceanic waves gently kissing the horizon is a dream-come-true for many. Luckily, India has plenty of coastal cities where modern homeowners can buy residential properties overlooking the ocean. However, owning a beachfront home is beneficial only if you […]

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04 Feb
Tips to Take Proper Care of uPVC Doors and Windows
Posted by 11:09 am , February 4, 2020 By AIS Windows / Category: UPVC Doors ,UPVC Windows

When it comes to staples in the fenestration industry, uPVC and glass make the best of pairs. Owing to their high durability quotient, uPVC doors and windows are low-maintenance and do not ask for much. That being said, this does not mean that regular maintenance is not required at all. In fact, regularly taking a […]

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