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What are the Benefits of Sliding Doors?

Posted 9:23 am, December 30, 2021 by AIS Windows / Category: Sliding Doors
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Sliding doors have become one of the most popular design elements today when it comes to modern homes. The term sliding doors refers to doors that move horizontally on their hinges and slide open, as opposed to regular doors that swing open. Such doors are commonly used in areas opening out to terraces, lawns, and even balconies as they bring forth an increased sense of space by virtue of their design.

Sliding doors are most commonly made with UPVC or aluminium frames. You can find sliding doors with wooden frames too, however, they are not always the best options as they are susceptible to damage. UPVC and aluminium doors tend to be more durable, and therefore do not show the wear and tear caused by the habitual sliding of these doors.

Let’s take a look at all the benefits of using sliding doors in your home!

The top 3 advantages of getting sliding doors!

Advantages of Sliding Doors

If you’re wondering why you should get sliding doors in your home, keep reading because we’ve curated a list of benefits just for you.

  1. Energy efficiency

  2. Sliding doors have a UPVC or aluminium frame and because of this, they can be paired with a variety of chemically treated glasses that are designed to improve the energy efficiency of your home. For instance, thermal glass can be used to make sure that while sunlight comes into your home, its partner in crime, heat, does not seep in. As a result, the house does not heat up, and you can decrease your reliance on electrical appliances like ACs, thereby cutting down on your electricity bill.

    Additionally, many sliding doors are fitted with special gaskets. These do not let the heat within the room escape as there are no gaps in the door frames to let that happen. As a result, your house can stay nice and warm during the harsh winters. This again decreases your reliance on electrical appliances like your heater, thereby helping you keep tabs on your electricity bill. On the whole, you can also decrease your carbon footprint.

  3. Great looks!

  4. Contemporary homes have a very distinct look about them, and in part, this is achieved through the unique window and door frames that are used. Sliding doors can be made on aluminium or UPVC frames, and this will give your home a very modern aesthetic. You can have matching frames fitted on all the doors and windows of the home for a uniform look – don’t worry, each and every door inside the house doesn’t have to be a sliding one as these frames accommodate doors that open by swinging too.

    In short, when you get sliding doors in your home, you can bet that your house will be the best looking one on the block!

  5. Better safety!

  6. Now one of the biggest misconceptions about sliding doors is that they are easy to break since a large part is made of glass. What you probably don’t know is that the glass used is not regular glass (also known as float glass). Sliding doors are fitted with special tempered glass or toughened glass that cannot be broken easily. Therefore, if you think that robbers can just smash their way in at any given time, it’s time to put that misconception to bed!

Where can you get the best sliding doors?

At AIS Windows, we offer the best solutions for sliding doors, as well as stunning UPVC, aluminium and wooden frames that can be used throughout your home. If you’re planning on renovating your home or building a new one, and want to know the best way to make your home look great, then get in touch with us today!

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