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15 Feb

Beautify Your Apartments with uPVC Doors and Windows

Posted 6:42 am, February 15, 2020 by AIS Windows / Category: UPVC Doors ,UPVC Windows

Beautify Apartments with uPVC Doors and Windows

Modern homes are stylish, secure, and pragmatic. They make lasting impressions on guests and onlookers while staying true to the owner’s personal style. Moreover, durability and versatility are a must-have in these homes. Since windows and doors define the overall outlook and features of a house, they act as a mirror in which can be seen all the desirable traits of a modern home.

uPVC is the latest and one of the most revolutionary materials used for window and home design. It is one of the oldest polymers in existence and is a fibre-like material that is as aesthetically appealing as it is multi-functional. Here are a few reasons why uPVC windows and doors are an excellent modern fenestration solution –


Since most doors and windows in your home are located externally, they are subject to regular wear and tear. Whether you live in hot or cold climatic conditions, your home will need doors and windows that can last long and bear cruel winds and extremes of temperatures. uPVC windows and doors are incredibly durable as uPVC is resistant to UV rays, saltwater, scratch, dust, chemical, and moisture. Moreover, it is highly resistant to termite and pests, making it further long-lasting. Since uPVC does not corrode, chip, or scratch easily, it remains pristine and appears new even after years of installation.


People steer away from installing too many glass windows in their homes because they are mistakenly considered unsafe. However, uPVC windows and doors make your home extremely safe, courtesy of the anti-crowbar instalments and galvanised steel reinforcements. You can also have a multi-point locking system installed in your uPVC windows and doors if you desire additional safety. Since safety from just burglars and robbers is not sufficient, uPVC also comes with fire-retardant properties, making it suitable for fire exits and staircases.

Décor Style

Since your home is a personal space, it is natural to want to customise every aspect of it. With uPVC frames, you can personalise your doors and windows to an unlimited extent – from cutting and installation to paint and style. uPVC windows and doors are the most customisable fenestration solution since they can adapt to various shapes, sizes, and types of windows and doors. You can also choose from a single colour palette if you wish to stick to a particular colour pattern for your home, or you can create an eclectic vibe by incorporating diversity in your uPVC door and window styles and colours.


It is a common misconception that synthetic materials like uPVC are harmful to the environment. uPVC is both 100% recyclable and completely non-toxic. Since it is highly durable, you will not need to replace your uPVC windows and doors repeatedly, thereby minimising the amount of waste that your house emits. Its phthalate, lead, and BPA-free properties further make it the perfect choice for ecologically-conscious homeowners.


Since the Indian subcontinent faces extremes of temperature, the energy bills of most homes skyrocket. Keeping the house warm or cold in such conditions means spending thousands and still not achieving a comfortable indoor atmosphere. uPVC provides appropriate heat insulation and therefore keeps the heat or cold contained within your home. If you want to save energy, you must opt for uPVC windows and doors.


Living on noisy streets can be tough. High levels of noise can cause increased stress and loss of concentration, making the installation of soundproof solutions a must in both residential and commercial properties. Since soundproofing your entire home is tedious, choosing a noise-insulating window and door frame material can be a good option. uPVC windows and doors make your living space peaceful by adding a noise cancellation effect to your home. When paired with acoustic glass, its noise proofing features are further highlighted.


With huge volumes of dust and debris in the air, you want your home to be your clean sanctuary. That becomes difficult if your home’s interior is a victim of pollution. uPVC windows and doors act as an effective barrier to external contamination, pollen, and dust, making your home a breathable and clean space. It also keeps toxic smoke and debris out and does not allow dust to settle on its surface.


Nowadays, French windows and Floor-to-Ceiling glass doors are standard in homes with back gardens, patios, or decorative lawns. However, water stagnation becomes a problem with such windows. uPVC windows and doors are equipped with appropriate water drainage systems that keep your home free of dirty water. Since the water does not stagnate onto the window panes, the frames also last longer.

Due to all of the features mentioned above, uPVC windows and doors are one of the best stylistic and pragmatic choices for your apartment. If you want the highest quality uPVC frames for your home, contact AIS Windows.

At AIS Windows, we understand that your living space is precious to you. As a result, we cater to personal style choices while selecting uPVC frames for windows and doors. Our experts will assist you in everything, right from shopping and installation to after-care. Contact us today to find holistic window and door solutions for your home!

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