Bathroom Window

AIS Windows brings to you an exclusive range of bathroom windows that can take the look and feel of your ‘relaxing space’ to the ultimate level. Whether you’re planning an upgrade, a full overhaul, or simply daydreaming from your desk, our range of bathroom windows can single-handedly transform your bathroom – both in terms of aesthetics and practicality.


Reasons to Upgrade Your Windowless Bathrooms

  • Proper Ventilation – Enjoy increased airflow
  • Natural Light – mood booster
  • Cost-Effective – Saves electricity as compared to exhaust fans and artificial lighting
  • Adds Dimension – Gives your bathroom the appearance of being larger in size
  • Multiple Design Options – Flexibility to design a custom look


A Style for Every Need

We offer the following types of bathroom windows

Sliding Bathroom Windows

If you do not wish your bathroom windows to protrude out, sliding windows are the best option. These windows run along a horizontal track and need to be slid gently to open and close. They offer natural ventilation and when coupled with uPVC frames, provide excellent energy-efficiency.


Casement Bathroom Windows

Our casement bathroom windows are attached to their frame by one or more hinges on one side and are generally opened outwards. Casement windows are a way to allow natural light and ventilation in larger bathroom areas.

Moreover, these crank-style windows come with a compression seal around the part where the sash meets the window’s frame, creating an airtight unit when the windows are closed. Thus, they are also great for energy-efficiency.


Skylight Bathroom Windows

Perhaps the most luxurious of all bathroom window options, the skylight bathroom window (fixed window) is placed overhead (on the ceiling), generally above the shower area or the bathtub. It is the ideal way to enjoy oneness with nature with the sun shining blissfully overhead.

Installation of tinted or frosted glass will ensure that you receive ample natural light without the unwanted heat disturbing your time of relaxation.


Multiple Bathroom Windows

AIS Windows also gives you the flexibility to choose a combination of window options to match your unique tastes. For example – you can choose to install an operating casement in combination with a fixed/picture window to allow both energy-efficiency and natural ventilation.


Frame Options

  • uPVC
  • Aluminium
  • Wood/Timber