Applications of Aluminium Section Windows in Your Home

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One of the most abundant metals on the face of the earth, aluminium is a popular and apt choice in the fabrication and fenestration industry, especially in the manufacturing of door and window framing. Though a plethora of window styles can be produced with aluminium framing, a group of windows that are particularly taking the market by storm are aluminium section windows.

While you may brush this off with a “but windows are windows; why does the style even matter?” consider the fact that each window design offers unique benefits, both from the perspective of aesthetics and functionality. Plus, not to forget, fenestrations are once-in-a-lifetime kind of investments, and as such, must be given their due importance.

Let’s dive straight into the many benefits of aluminium section windows to give you a clearer picture.

Benefits of Aluminium Section Windows

Divided into a varying number of sections from the standpoint of both aesthetic appeal and functionality, aluminium section windows offer plenty of scope for a total home makeover. Not only are they powered by one of the sturdiest metals on the face of the earth, but they are available in a number of design profiles, colours, and sizes for that perfect elevated look.

Besides, aluminium section windows are champions in terms of being low-maintenance and offering thermal insulation. Surprised much? Well, the inherent nature of aluminium and glass is such that they are resistant to corrosion, termites, dust, moisture, and other external elements. Add to the mix the advanced thermal break technology, and you get modern-day aluminium section windows that are durable, energy-efficient, strong, and 100% eco-friendly.

What more do you need when you have the perfect recipe for unmatched aesthetics and advanced functionality blended into a single product?

 Types of Aluminium Section Windows with Their Use Cases

Aluminium section windows are not available in isolation as a single window type. They include a class of different window styles, each suitable for specific aesthetic and functional purposes. Discussed below are the most common types of aluminium section windows along with their applications.

Aluminium Tilt-and-Turn Windows

Combining the aesthetics of a window and the functionality of a vent, aluminium tilt-and-turn windows are opened or closed with the help of a sash located the top of the window. The same needs to be ‘tilted and turned’ for the window to open at an angle.

These windows are perfect elements to maintain proper airflow in spaces that would otherwise not receive any. This could include small and dull bathrooms, basements and garages, and attics. Moreover, an added benefit of these windows is the security they offer against external elements owing to their operating mechanism – they can be opened even during heavy monsoon, dust storms, or snowfall.

Aluminium Sliding Windows

Having one moveable-one fixed glass pane or having two operable glass panes, aluminium section windows of the sliding type can be opened or closed by ‘sliding’ the glass pane(s) along a horizontal track. These windows are best-suited from the standpoint of space-maximisation. Plus, the aesthetic appeal they offer is rather modernistic and one-of-its-kind.

They are perfect installations in bathrooms, kitchens, or other spaces that desperately need optimisation of space. Plus, since they are effective outdoor-indoor connectors, offering unobstructed views of the outdoors, they can even be installed in rooms that open up to a lush garden, patio, or porch.

Aluminium Glass-to-Glass Windows

No other window style defines ‘unhindered views’ in the clearest sense of the word than the aluminium glass-to-glass windows. With two glass panes connected to each other at an angle of 90-degrees with a rather ultra-lean strip of aluminium framing in between, these windows replicate the look and feel of a glorious extended glass wall.

They are ideal for an open-plan concept which stresses upon the usage of large, open spaces and discourages the use of small and cramped areas for a more comfortable living experience. And when you can wake up to a lush forest area or divine beach waves or even a breath-taking sunrise, you ought to make the most of the view by leveraging the power of these aluminium section windows!

Aluminium French Windows

When in doubt, say Bonjour! That’s right; there are next to zero chances of going wrong with a window style as versatile as the aluminium French windows. This type of aluminium French windows is kindred to casement windows; however, these full-length, ‘door-sized’ windows come with double sashes as opposed to the former’s single sash.

Expansive as they are, they can make your interiors more spacious and inviting too. They are ideal for living rooms that directly open into patios, luxurious spa-like bathrooms, airy and bright kitchens, and practically any room that could use some grandeur.

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