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Can aluminium windows look good in residential buildings?

Posted 8:27 am, October 10, 2021 by AIS Windows / Category: Aluminium Windows
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Windows have a significant role in a house, they provide cross ventilation, natural light and a nice view for you to look at. Apart from that, picking the right frame and design can also influence your home’s aesthetics and looks immensely. Window manufacturers use a number of materials to manufacture windows such as uPVC, Aluminium, Timber, Iron, Steel, etc. Out of all the materials, Aluminium is the one that is being used in almost every other residential building out there as it has the flexibility of plastic and the strength and durability of metal, making it a good choice for window and door frames.

How Aluminium will make your house look good?

Most builders have ditched Iron and Steel and have started equipping the houses with Aluminium windows and doors. If you think that it won’t fit well with the modern designs and unique aesthetics then you probably need to read through the points listed below and give the idea a second thought.

  • Can be moulded into any design

  • Aluminium is a metal known for its highly flexible nature. It can be bent into any shape you like, thanks to its high malleability and ductility. Due to these properties, Aluminium has helped in a number of architectural designs come to life which was earlier not possible.

  • Plethora of colours

  • Aluminium windows are present in dozens of colours, thus making it easier for you to get them in a colour that will match the aesthetics of your house or room. If you don’t like the colour then you can have it painted into a different one without any issue.

  • Provides large surface for glass to attach to

  • Aluminium’s flexibility and its high strength make it a good choice as a material for building sturdy window and door frames. You can fit in large glass panels on your windows and get ample lighting as well as a great view depending on the position of your window.

  • Won’t put too much weight on your foundation

  • Foundation is the most important part of the house as it holds the structure together and keeps it upright and that’s why it’s not a good idea to overload it with heavy metals like Iron and Steel which makes metals such as Aluminium the go-to choice for manufacturing windows and doors.

Other benefits of Aluminium

If the given above points aren’t enough to change your mind then here are some more benefits that will ensure Aluminium windows have a place in your home.

  • Aluminium is known as a weatherproof material which means it can handle heavy rain, strong wind and snow without any problem or damage

  • It is resistant to water, moisture and other chemicals thanks to the oxide layer it forms when it gets in contact with those substances and prevents further corrosion.

  • It is a great insulator of sound so you can have a nice and cosy sleep without worrying about any kind of disturbance.

  • It insulates your house from the outside temperature decreasing the workload on your AC/heater, saving you tons of money in the long run.

  • It has a long life which means it can survive for about 80 years as a Window frame without any problem.

  • Aluminium is a low maintenance metal which means you don’t have to spend hours of your precious time as well as money in cleaning and painting it every now and then.

  • Alloys of aluminium are used in manufacturing aircraft which is the perfect example of Aluminium’s strength, robustness, durability, strength and resistance to the external environment as a metal.

  • Aluminium is a highly durable metal that doesn’t crack, warp or split even after heavy usage.

Now that you know all the benefits of using Aluminium, you can now make an informed choice on your own and equip your house with some Aluminium windows. It will not only seal your house from the hot/cold weather but also from unwanted sounds of traffic and a nearby construction site. All these properties make Aluminium the go-to choice for many window manufacturers out there. Low aluminium window prices are something that will further sweeten the deal for you and will encourage you to consider replacing your iron or wood windows with Aluminium windows as they prove to be a more stylish and economical alternative.

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