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Aluminium Section Windows – A Detailed Guide

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Having been used as a construction material for decades, the importance of aluminium in the fenestration industry is unquestionable. In recent times, architects have been experimenting with aluminium fenestration in both residential and commercial spaces. Aluminium section windows are such a modern-day fenestration solution that is incredibly durable and adds a distinctive style element to your house.

Choose Aluminium Section Window, Here’s Why

Whether you are restoring an old building or constructing a new one, using aluminium windows can instantly lift the charm. Aluminium section windows come in several styles and with countless benefits. When you think of sleek designs and energy-efficient functionality, there is no better alternative to aluminium section window. Its quality of performance is hardly affected by a lack of maintenance. Due to this, aluminium section window can last longer against everyday wear and tear, making it a highly economical choice. Moreover, in the long run, installing aluminium section window can facilitate a lowered rate of energy consumption as well.

Benefits of Aluminium Section Windows

The most notable benefits of aluminium section windows include the following –


As a fenestration material, aluminium is incredibly versatile, available in several patterns, shades, and styles. Even if you dislike the silvery metallic sheen of aluminium, you can opt for powder-coated charcoal grey aluminium section windows. Using powder coating, aluminium can be colored in different accents and shades. Since the metal is paint-friendly, different colors can also be sprayed onto it. Excellent-quality aluminium frames can be used for corner typologies, different window styles, and minimal framing designs. The excellent malleability of aluminium also comes in handy if you want your windows to be of a particular shape or cut.

For Safer and Brighter Interiors

Many glass windows crack due to frame alteration, while in some cases, such alterations can cause breakage and potential injury. However, the aluminium section window is effective against high-temperature fluctuations. Since the dimensions of the aluminium section window do not contract or expand when exposed to tensile stress, it does not warp even under extreme weather conditions. This vastly reduces the chance of stress-induced breaks in aluminium section window.


Do you live in a city where the summers are punishing, whereas the winters are too harsh? If so, then an aluminium section window should be your go-to option. Why? Because these structures are exceptionally energy-efficient, which automatically improves thermal comfort. Aluminium frames allow for tight sealing of windows; that way, during summers, cold air from inside your home or office does not leak outside. This feature keeps your interiors at an optimal temperature and does not add a great deal of stress to your air-conditioning devices.

Similarly, during the winter season, aluminium section windows don’t let the warm air inside your home or office seep out, thus keeping heating bills at a minimum.

Long-lasting and Weather-proof

Unlike a bunch of other materials, aluminium section windows have an exceptional lifespan. These structures do not wear out due to prolonged exposure to differential temperatures, extreme climatic conditions, or lack of maintenance. Aluminium section windows can stand guard against any possible type of Indian climate.

Enhanced Security against Intrusions

Intrusions through windows are a common occurrence and a safety concern for many homeowners. But with aluminium section window, you can enhance your security to a great extent. The naturally high mechanical strength and robustness of the aluminium section window can prove to be vigilant against numerous security threats. More importantly, aluminium section window can be equipped with additional safety mechanisms and accessories to enhance security furthermore.

Able to Block Sound

Urban spaces hardly provide a peaceful atmosphere to the dwellers, while excessive exposure to loud noise can also impact our health negatively. Therefore, fenestration solutions like aluminium section windows should be used for noise insulation. Aluminium section window can effectively block out noise and sounds to provide a comfortable and peaceful living space. AIS Windows offers aluminium section windows in various designs that use double-sealed mechanisms to cancel out noise.

Resistant to Corrosion

You may wonder why aluminium windows are free from rust, given their metallic framing. Thanks to various treatments that an aluminium frame goes through before lacing glass panes, it becomes 100% corrosion-free. This property is useful if you live along the sea coast or in a city with frequent rains. Not only will aluminium section windows keep you safe from torrential downpours, but they will also not lose their shine and finish when splashed with moisture every so often.

Precision Manufacturing

A somewhat neglected benefit of aluminium section windows is the level of precision achievable. These structures are microscopically accurate, thanks to the mouldability of aluminium. So, if you wish to retrofit your walls with a fresh set of windows without dealing with dimension-related issues, choose aluminium frames.


Common myths suggest that metals like aluminium fail to keep spaces guarded against heat loss. But thanks to thermal-break technology, aluminium windows have thermal breaks built into them that allow for optimal insulation at all times. While this system differs from the traditional chamber-style insulation technique, it creates air gaps between the two window frames. Since air does not conduct heat well, it insulates your home excellently. By trying façade shading or installing gaskets, you can further enhance the insulation power of aluminium section windows.

uPVC, Aluminium Doors and Windows

Sturdy and Durable

Aluminium section windows have undulating strength, which is why you will not easily find cracks, chips, or dents on these structures. Don’t let the daintiness and low density of aluminium fool you. This material is both sturdy and durable, regardless of the thickness of the frame. It does not expand or contract during a frost or under extreme heat.


Aluminium is one of the least reactive metals used in construction. It does not react to simple chemicals or weather changes. It also resists corrosion, termite, and pests. Since regular wear-and-tear caused by weather changes like humidity and heat do not affect aluminium, you will not need to replace your windows every few years. Moreover, aluminium section windows do not flake, peel off or rot easily, reducing the need for you to repaint them repeatedly.


Metal wastes are incredibly toxic to the environment and need proper recycling before being dumped. Thankfully, aluminium is one of the easiest metals to recycle. If you have to replace your aluminium section windows with a new one, you do not need to worry about environmental damage. Any recycling company can take care of disposing of aluminium frames properly. For an eco-friendly fenestration, aluminium frames are your best friends.

Types of Aluminium Section Windows

Aluminium section windows are not available in isolation as a single-window type. They include a class of different window styles, each suitable for specific aesthetic and functional purposes. Discussed below are the most common types of aluminium section windows along with their applications.

Aluminium Tilt-and-Turn Windows

These types of windows fit modern homes perfectly and are an incredibly economical option. They share the functionality of a ventilator and the aesthetics of a window. A sash located at the top of the window can be tilted to open or close it, as per requirement. AIS aluminium tilt-and-turn windows offer a sound reduction capacity of up to 40 decibels. These windows are perfect elements to maintain proper airflow in spaces that would otherwise not receive any. This could include small and dull bathrooms, basements and garages, and attics. Moreover, an added benefit of these windows is the security they offer against external elements owing to their operating mechanism – they can be opened even during heavy monsoon, dust storms, or snowfall.

Aluminium French Windows

Aluminium French windows add aesthetic appeal to your home. They do not have a bulky frame and can be customized in terms of size, style, and shades. This type of aluminium French window is kindred to casement windows; however, these full-length, ‘door-sized windows come with double sashes as opposed to the former’s single sash.

Expansive as they are, they can make your interiors more spacious and inviting too. They are ideal for living rooms that directly open into patios, luxurious spa-like bathrooms, airy and bright kitchens, and practically any room that could use some grandeur. AIS French windows come with added security features and noise reduction of up to 42 decibels.

Aluminium Glass-to-Glass Windows

With two glass panes connected at a 90-degree angle such that they form a continuous window wall, these are perfect for open-plan living. With two glass panes connected at an angle of 90-degrees with a rather ultra-lean strip of aluminium framing in between, these windows replicate the look and feel of a glorious extended glass wall.

They are ideal for an open-plan concept that stresses the usage of large, open spaces and discourages the use of small and cramped areas for a more comfortable living experience. And when you can wake up to a lush forest area or divine beach waves or even a breath-taking sunrise, you ought to make the most of the view by leveraging the power of these aluminium section windows. AIS glass-to-glass windows have a 37-50 mm construction depth and offer up to 30 decibels of sound reduction.

Aluminium Glass-to-Glass Windows

Aluminium Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are best for compact spaces for they only slide within a narrow frame to open or close. These windows are best suited from the standpoint of space-maximization. Plus, the aesthetic appeal they offer is rather modernistic and one-of-its-kind.

They are perfect installations in bathrooms, kitchens, or other spaces that desperately need optimization of space. Plus, since they are effective outdoor-indoor connectors, offering unobstructed views of the outdoors, they can even be installed in rooms that open up to a lush garden, patio, or porch. Also, they reduce noise levels by up to 42 decibels and look incredibly pristine.

If you want any of these window types installed in your house or a personalized consultation on fenestration, contact us today.

Is Aluminium Section Window for You?

Looking at the various advantages of aluminium section window, you must be tempted to buy it instantly. Well, you should! If you’re looking for a window replacement or remodeling your home, using aluminium section window is the easiest way to optimize your fenestrations. Their sleek finish, minimalistic design, and industrial outlook are ardently coveted in the contemporary décor trends. Moreover, aluminium section window is a highly customizable option that can suit various décor styles.

The AIS Advantage

Being India’s leading fenestration company, we at AIS Windows want the best for our clients at all times. Our aluminium window frames are high-grade and fully customizable. Our experts specialize in customizing windows according to the needs of our clients and the overall design of the building. Contact us today to adorn your commercial or residential space with the best-quality aluminium windows and avail expert consultation on fenestration.

Call us at 1800 103 4805 to avail our 360-degree solutions today!

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