Aluminium Glass Door

Offering the best of aesthetics and functionality, AIS Windows’ aluminium glass doors can transform the face of every space. When coupled with innovative glass solutions from AIS , our aluminium glass doors can take care of every buyer need – safety, privacy, noise insulation, energy-efficiency, and anti-pollution.


Features and Benefits

  • Ridiculously low-maintenance – weather-proof, resistant to corrosion and termites
  • No expenditure needed on painting or polishing
  • Lightweight yet sturdy and robust
  • Slim frame variants available
  • Multi-functional – host of style, colour, and glass options available for bespoke solutions
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable
  • Unparalleled aesthetic charm
  • Energy-efficient – owing to thermal break technology and high-performance AIS glass



  • Residential properties
  • Offices
  • Commercial enclaves


Be Spoilt for Choices

AIS Windows offers aluminium glass doors in the following variants –

Sliding Aluminium Glass Doors

Gliding back and forth along a single horizontal track (either on top of or below huge glass panels), AIS Windows’ sliding aluminium glass doors are great in terms of saving space and creating an undisturbed connection between the outdoors and indoors.

You can install them as openings to patios, backyards, and in small rooms. You can even install them near planters since they do not protrude outwards.


Lift-and-Slide Aluminium Glass Doors

AIS Windows’ lift-and-slide aluminium glass doors sit directly on a track and can be slid open by first wheeling the handle around at an angle of 180-degrees and ‘lifting’ the door up.

Much like sliding doors, they connect the indoors and outdoors excellently and are great space-savers.


Slide-and-Folding Aluminium Glass Doors

Also known as bi-fold doors, our slide-and-folding aluminium glass doors can be slid along a horizontal track up until the end where they can be stacked and pushed to the side. They can also include a style with a standard door at the end which can be used to enter and exit without having to fold the panels.

These doors offer a thoroughly undisturbed view of the outdoors along with increased space and are perfect for openings to gardens and terraces.


Casement Aluminium Glass Doors

Available with a single sash hinged on one side, our casement aluminium glass doors can be opened wide outwards, allowing copious amounts of natural light and fresh air to invade the interiors.

These doors are especially great for entryways, openings to patios, and closets.


French Aluminium Glass Doors

Though similar to casement doors in terms of operability, our French aluminium glass doors come with a dual sash, also opening outwards.

These doors, much like casements, are great for entrances and next to patios and terraces.