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Aluminium Door Design Ideas for Commercial Spaces

Posted 6:44 am, April 17, 2022 by AIS Windows / Category: Aluminium Doors
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When it comes to designing your commercial space, there are various ideas and innovative designs that may come to mind. Buying or renting a commercial space can mean a start of something great, which is why most people take decorating and designing it as seriously as they take designing their homes. However, commercial space designs and home designs differ greatly from one another. The door design that you may prefer in your home is not something that you might prefer in a commercial setting. This is why there are various options available for door designs of commercial spaces, and Aluminium door design is one of the most popular and widely used one.

One of the reasons why Aluminium doors are considered more suitable for commercial spaces as compared to wooden doors is because aluminium doors are not that susceptible for wear and tear. This means that they can last long and you won’t have to spend again and again repairing or changing the doors in your commercial space. Another advantage of aluminium doors is that you can simply coat it with a specialised coating and prevent the door from fading or chipping off. With this coating you can ensure that the door is always shiny and glimmering.

The shimmering and shiny look of the aluminium door gives it an attractive and elegant look that will fit perfectly with the other interior of your commercial space and make for a stylish interior decor. Having an elegantly designed commercial space will create a positive environment and will also help to attract the attention of people that visit the space.

Keeping all of these advantages in mind, aluminium door designs are often preferred for a commercial space. However, when it comes to aluminium door design, there are quite a few options that you can choose from. In this article we are going to have a look at some of these options that might help you decide what type of aluminium door design you wish to go for in your commercial space.

What are different aluminium door designs available?

Aluminium Door Designs

There are many aluminium door designs available in the market that you can choose from. All these designs are beautiful and innovative in their own way and will help to make your commercial space look elegant and functional at the same time. Below you can go through some of the popular aluminium door designs that most people prefer to install in their commercial spaces.

  1. Aluminium Glass Doors
  2. One of the most commonly used and popular aluminium door designs is aluminium glass door. The unique framework and design of this door makes your commercial space look more stylish, elegant and attractive. People often opt for a grid like design with aluminium framework and incorporate multiple glasses in it to create the final design. This will give your whole interior a stunning vibe.

  3. Sliding Aluminium door
  4. Another good option for an aluminium door design is the sliding aluminium door. It comes with a bottom and a top railing that allows the door to easily slide open and close. If your commercial space is not that specious and you need to incorporate it with spacious interiors, then a sliding aluminium door can be the perfect option for you.this will make your commercial space more functional and will also give an elegant look to the interior decor.

  5. Removable aluminium door
  6. There are some aluminium door designs that can not only be used as a main door but also for other purposes like removable room dividers to keep your private meetings confined in the room. These designs also include glass slabs fitted into an aluminium frame. The attractive design of these doors will make the workplace look aesthetic and luxurious.

  7. French aluminium door
  8. As already discussed in above points, the basic aluminium door design involves an aluminium frame and glass slabs. In the french aluminium door design, the glasses are coloured brown or white to make it look more aesthetic and attractive. Such French aluminium door designs are usually used in commercial spaces that are located in residential areas.

  9. Folding aluminium door
  10. If you are looking to make your commercial space look stunning and attractive that will mesmerise any person that walks into your office, then getting a folding aluminium door design might be your best option. These doors are mostly used as entrance doors of the commercial spaces so that they can achieve that inviting look to attract more customers. Usually a 3 set double open door or bi-fold aluminium door is used that will go perfectly with your modern interior decor and make your commercial space look more striking.

  11. Aluminium casement door
  12. An aluminium casement door can be opened both inwards and outwards. This allows you to open the door in your preferred direction. This door is advantageous in a way that it gives an airy and spacious feeling to your commercial space. You can use such doors for offices as well as homes. They have a glass surface that is transparent to provide you a clear view of the exterior. They also provide excellent ventilation in the room.

  13. Safety aluminium door
  14. It goes without saying that the entrance door of your commercial space needs to be well protected and safe. This is why you can opt for a safety aluminium door that features an aluminium frame incorporated with aluminium grill door. This door can be incorporated in front of your main door to ensure an extra level of security. The door can have a metallic lustre look that gives your entrance an attractive design.

  15. Designer Aluminium door
  16. When elevating the overall look of your commercial space, then installing a designer aluminium door can be a good option. Such designer doors can elevate the looks of the decor in your commercial space or even your home. You can also choose a designer handle for the door that will make for a beautiful addition. The handle will ensure that you get a firm grip on the door and the overall design of the door will instantly elevate the look of your decor.

  17. Door with the fusion of UPVC with aluminium
  18. You can design your aluminium door with the combination of UPVC and aluminium in order to give them a sleek design and smooth sliding so that they become easily accessible. This combination gives the door the sleek look from the UPVC and high quality from the aluminium.

  19. Double open aluminium door
  20. Double open aluminium door is hinge outwardly and has two separate halves that meets in the middle when you close them. It also consists of two glass slabs that are incorporated into a sleek and beautifully designed aluminium frame. As the door is outwardly hinged, it saves a lot of space inside the room and makes for an spacious interior in your commercial setting.

All of the above types are beautiful and unique in their own way. As to which one you go far will depend mainly on where you want to install that door, and your preferences. Being extremely functional in every design, the various designs of aluminium are each exceptionally beautiful and stunning. You can go through all of the options before actually choosing one.

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