All You Need to Know About Aluminium Section Windows

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Having been used as a construction material for decades, the importance of aluminium in the fenestration industry is unquestionable. In recent times, architects around the world have been experimenting with aluminium fenestration in both residential and commercial spaces. Aluminium section windows are one such modern-day fenestration solution that are incredibly durable and add a distinctive style element to your house.

Whether you are restoring an old building or constructing a new one, using aluminium windows can instantly lift the charm. Aluminium windows come in several styles and with countless benefits. Before you decide to install an aluminium section window in your home or office, here are a few things you must know.

Benefits of Aluminium Section Windows

The most notable benefits of aluminium section windows include the following –


As a fenestration material, aluminium is incredibly versatile, available in several patterns, shades, and styles. Even if you dislike the silvery metallic sheen of aluminium, you can opt for powder-coated charcoal grey aluminium section windows. Using powder coating, aluminium can be coloured in different accents and shades. Since the metal is paint-friendly, different colours can also be sprayed onto it. Excellent-quality aluminium frames can be used for corner typologies, different window styles, and minimal framing designs. The excellent malleability of aluminium also comes in handy if you want your windows to be of a particular shape or cut.


Common myths suggest that metals like aluminium fail to keep spaces guarded against heat loss. But thanks to thermal-break technology, aluminium windows have thermal breaks built into them that allow for optimal insulation at all times. While this system differs from the traditional chamber style insulation technique, it creates air gaps between the two window frames. Since air does not conduct heat well, it insulates your home excellently. By trying façade shading or installing gaskets, you can further enhance the insulation power of aluminium section windows.


Aluminium is one of the least reactive metals used in construction. It does not react to simple chemicals or weather changes. It also resists corrosion, termite and pests. Since regular wear-and-tear caused by weather changes like humidity and heat do not affect aluminium, you will not need to replace your windows every few years. Moreover, aluminium section windows do not flake, peel off or rot easily, reducing the need for you to repaint them repeatedly.


Metal wastes are incredibly toxic to the environment and need proper recycling before being dumped. Thankfully, aluminium is one of the easiest metals to recycle. If you have to replace your aluminium section windows with a new one, you do not have to worry about damage to the environment. Any recycling company can take care of disposing off aluminium frames properly. For an eco-friendly fenestration, aluminium frames are your best friends.

Types of Aluminium Section Windows

Aluminium section windows are available in different styles. Here are some of the commonest.

Aluminium Tilt-and-Turn Windows

These type of windows fit modern homes perfectly and are an incredibly economical option. They share the functionality of a ventilator and the aesthetics of a window. A sash located at the top of the window can be tilted to open or close it as required. AIS aluminium tilt-and-turn windows offer a sound reduction capacity of up to 40 decibels.

Aluminium French Windows

Aluminium French windows add aesthetic appeal to your home. They do not have a bulky frame and can be customised in terms of size, style and shades. AIS French windows come with added security features and noise reduction of up to 42 decibels.

Aluminium Glass-to-Glass Windows

With two glass panes connected at a 90-degree angle such that they form a continuous window wall, these are perfect for open-plan living. AIS glass-to-glass windows have a 37-50 mm construction depth and offer up to 30 decibels of sound reduction.

Aluminium Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are best for compact spaces for they only slide within a narrow frame to open or close. They reduce noise levels by up to 42 decibels and look incredibly pristine.

If you want any of these window types installed in your house or a personalised consultation on fenestration, contact us today.

The AIS Advantage

Being India’s leading fenestration company, we at AIS Windows want the best for our clients at all times. Our aluminium window frames are of high-grade and fully customisable. Our experts specialise in customising windows according to the needs of our clients and the overall design of the building. Contact us today to adorn your building with the best-quality aluminium windows and avail expert consultation on fenestration.

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