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19 May

5 Uses of Triple Glazed Windows

Posted 10:39 am, May 19, 2020 by AIS Windows / Category: UPVC Windows

Enhancing the energy-efficiency of your homes isn’t a mammoth task – in fact – it boils down to the type of glazing used in your windows. Effective fenestration solutions can optimise your living space to dramatically lower reliance on heating/cooling appliances.

In this domain, triple glazed windows have been garnering major interest in the market. Their highly efficient insulation properties are being accredited for performing well against extreme weather conditions and offering better acoustics against external noise.

So, is investing in triple glazed windows worth your money? Let’s find out!

What are Triple Glazed Windows?

Triple glazed windows are windows that contain three layers of glass between the frames. In some cases, triple glazed windows also contain a low E film between the two layers of glass panes. An inert gas (mostly argon) is used to separate the three panes of glass so you receive an extra layer of insulation.

In triple glazed windows, air molecules present in the gap between the layers are too small to allow air circulation. This prevents heat from transferring through the process of convection. Moreover, since inert gases are poor conductors of heat, triple glazed windows can lower interior heat loss significantly.

Advantages of Triple Glazed Windows

Unlike stock windows, the three layers of glazing in triple glazed windows act as great barriers against the external elements; be it scorching heat or chilling cold, raging storms or heavy rainfall, even loud and disturbing noises from outside, triple glazed windows offer effective resistance against them all. Furthermore, the three layers provide additional rigidity to enhance security against intrusions and break-ins.

Triple glazed windows also have great insulation properties to reduce the loss of heat. While protecting against harsh UV rays, triple glazed windows do not block natural daylight from flooding inside, so you can also enjoy brightly lit interiors. Due to this, triple glazed windows have earned the reputation for being highly energy-efficient fenestration solutions.

How to Use Triple Glazed Windows?

For your perusal, five uses of triple glazed windows are listed below.

For Quieter Bedrooms

The importance of a good night’s sleep can’t be stressed enough. However, if you live in metropolitan cities, the bustling markets and loud vehicles can be immensely disturbing. To enjoy peaceful sleep, consider installing triple glazed windows in your bedrooms that can significantly reduce the noise from outside. They can effectively stop the transmission of external sounds to offer better acoustics for your comfort.

In Living Areas

Having floor-to-ceiling or bay style windows in your living room can add a dramatic touch to your interior décor. You can enjoy a scenic view while lounging on your couch or sofa and experience a great indoor-outdoor dynamic. However, larger windows are more prone to intrusions and break-ins which can cause a grave safety concern. You can safeguard your home by using triple glazed windows when opting for larger windows to lower the risk of breach and enhance security.

Conference Rooms

Noise-cancelling properties of triple glazed windows are useful for insulating conference rooms where important matters are discussed daily. You can have big triple glazed windows in conference rooms for visual transparency while impairing the audio to prevent leakage.

AIS Windows offers fenestration solutions with acoustic insulation for effectively blocking out 94% of the outside noise and promote a quieter ambience.

For Cosy Bathrooms

For regions that have colder climate, installing triple glazed windows in bathrooms can help maintain a warmer temperature indoors for you to carry out postulations with ease. Triple glazed windows draw natural light while blocking harmful UV rays so you also get brighter bathroom interiors. Moreover, the high insulation abilities of triple glazed windows prevent steam from the hot water to condense (a common issue in bathrooms) or to frost the glass.

Optimising Upper Floors

For residential and commercial spaces on the upper floors of a building, triple glazed windows can provide efficient fenestration solution against air infiltration, smog, strong wind loads, and direct sunlight. Since upper floors are prone to disruption from such natural elements, chances of stress cracks or breaks rise exponentially. To lower the threats of breakage induced by tensile stress and temperature-fluctuations, consider installing triple glazed windows in the directions that are most impacted by natural elements.

Should You Buy Triple Glazed Windows?

Don’t the above-mentioned advantages of triple glazed windows look enticing? Unlike regular windows, triple glazed windows can efficiently reduce your rates of energy consumption and prove to be immensely cost-efficient in the long run. Especially for cold climates, triple glazed windows can provide excellent insulation against cold weather conditions and promote warmer interiors.

If you’re remodelling or replacing damaged windows, you should consider installing triple glazed windows and reap benefits for a longer time.

AIS Windows provides end-to-end fenestration solutions in a range of elegant styles and shades to compliment your interior décor. We offer world-class fittings for enhanced protection and performance of your doors and windows. From site survey, design consultation to installation and post-installation services – our team of experts will guide you at every step of the process.

Want to learn more about triple glazed windows? AIS Windows can help! Visit our website to get an expert consultation today!

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