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11 May

5 Sliding Doors & Windows Applications

Posted 11:37 pm, May 11, 2020 by AIS Windows / Category: UPVC Doors ,UPVC Windows

Sliding Doors & Windows Applications

Alas! The true importance of doors and windows is often overlooked by buyers. Not just for accessibility, fenestration solutions are also significant contributors to lighting, ventilation, and décor needs of your structural space. And on this front, sliding doors and sliding windows are the rising stars.

Therefore, in this article, we have compiled five interesting and holistic ways to use sliding doors and sliding windows.

Why Use Sliding Doors and Sliding Windows?

The lack of space is a common problem for people dwelling in sprawling metropolitan cities. If space is a concern for you as well, using sliding doors and sliding windows instead of regular doors and windows can be a more convenient and durable option. Due to their sliding operation, sliding doors and sliding windows do not need space to open up. Apart from this, their glass panes reflect sunlight that provides the illusion of extended space and a sense of enlargement.

Moreover, sliding doors and sliding windows can offer a great indoor-outdoor experience by optimising your spatial setup and helping you get optimum daylight and a smooth airflow. More importantly, sliding doors and sliding windows boast of modern sleekness and intrinsic minimalism.  So, in terms of design, they can also add to the overall visual appeal of your space. Truly a modern design, sliding doors and sliding windows can blend form and function aesthetically.

How to Use Sliding Doors and Sliding Windows?

For a simple design and efficient functionality that can speak to the modern sensibility, installing sliding doors and sliding windows is recommended. Here’s how you can do it.


Installing sliding doors made with sturdy glass can be an attractive décor choice for your patios. You can glide them open whenever needed and enjoy the outside view from your living room. And as you know, patios serve as great recreational spaces, especially for smaller homes. By installing sliding doors, patios can become more accessible as they blur the distinction between inside-outside spaces. If you have kids around, having sliding doors for patios can help in keeping a watchful eye on them while they’re playing in the garden or backyard.


Presently, in modern designs, open kitchen spaces are rather popular. However, when the kitchen is unkempt, you’d want to isolate it from the guests in living/dining space. By installing sliding doors to divide the space, you can achieve a semi-open plan that facilitates openness and fluidity of movement while still providing the option of cover. Moreover, you can install big or small-sized sliding windows in the kitchen as they do not require much space to open. You can also keep smoke and vapours out of the kitchen area by simply sliding open the sash in sliding windows.


To add character or to enhance the oomph factor of your bedroom, you can opt for sliding doors instead of a regular door. Sliding windows and sliding doors are known for their aesthetic appeal. Moreover, sliding doors are also quite convenient yet impressive options for closets or wardrobes in your bedroom. Another simple method to promote ventilation while keeping a cosy vibe in the bedroom is through sliding windows. Easy to operate, the geometric designs of sliding windows are also visually appealing.


Windows and doors in balconies are more prone to wear-and-tear as they get exposed to strong wind, storms, harsh sunlight, and rain more often. Sliding doors with tempered or toughened glass can mitigate the impact of such natural elements. Alternatively, if you do not have ample space, sliding windows can double up as your balcony. Aluminium sliding windows by AIS Windows offer a smooth sliding motion. Their high-quality aluminium frames also provide enhanced structural stability and durability.


A relatively enclosed space, bathrooms can suffer from poor ventilation and excessive moisture. Avoid dingy and dark bathrooms by using sliding doors and sliding windows. They allow natural light to stream in while offering enhanced ventilation. You can simply open the sliding windows to air out the room without harming or chipping the walls. Meanwhile, sliding doors for shower or tub enclosures work exceptionally well in smaller bathrooms. Combined with high-quality frosted glass, sliding doors can provide privacy solutions while keeping the space brighter.

Are Sliding Doors and Windows for You?

Simplicity and high functionality is a combination that is revered in modern décor styles. And so is the harmony of design and economy of built. Therefore, sliding doors and sliding windows can be seen as excellent fenestration solutions. They are extremely durable, stylish, and functional solutions that require low-maintenance. If you’re thinking of remodelling or designing your home, do consider installing sliding doors and sliding windows.

At AIS Windows, you can find sliding doors and sliding windows made of aluminium, and uPVC in a myriad of style options. Our appealing and innovative design trends are available in a wide range of applications to choose from. These fixtures are designed by highly trained professionals who follow international manufacturing standards to ensure weather-resistance, termite-resistance, noise insulation, and structural stability in products.  Whatever your architectural needs may be, AIS Windows has a door and window solution for you.

For customised fenestration solutions, look no further than AIS Windows.  You can learn more about sliding doors and sliding windows by visiting our website. Give us a call at 1800-103-4805 to receive an expert consultation today!

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