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07 May

5 Reasons Why You Should Have AIS uPVC Doors and Windows

Posted 11:34 pm, May 7, 2020 by AIS Windows / Category: UPVC Doors ,UPVC Windows

AIS uPVC Doors and Windows

Doors and windows are not mere passageways to enter a building or look outside. These structures also shower spaces with natural light, ventilation, and security. Additionally, they are responsible for silently furnishing your homes and offices. Therefore, it is an absolute must to choose windows and doors for any space with utmost care.

Keeping in mind the importance of these structures, several homeowners have started opting for unplasticized polyvinyl chloride uPVC windows and doors. This material, coupled with the right kind glazing offers a deluge of advantages.

What Is uPVC?

uPVC, also called PVCu, is an incredibly robust polymer mostly used to construct door and window frames. This material can be bent into any dimension and comes in plenty of colours and finishes.

It is manufactured by incorporating specific modifiers and stabilisers into Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). Integrating said substances with PVC alters its physical characteristics, thus making it highly usable for doors and windows.

Why Choose AIS uPVC Doors and Windows? 

A product is only as good as its make and quality. When you go shopping for doors and windows, make sure to choose a real expert with substantial experience and a trustworthy reputation.

For instance, AIS Windows is a trusted brand that offers a host of uPVC windows and doors bound to match your design sensibilities. Let us look at the specific uPVC design range provided by AIS.

We just have 2 ranges in uPVC – AIS ECO & AIS ECO PRIME

AIS ECO PRIME Designed to maintain perfect balance between strength & aesthetics with a minimal sightline. Product also ensure extreme thermal and sound  insulation.

AIS ECO – Designed to meet all the functional needs, optimal energy & acoustic performance , higher wind load withstanding capacity.

Now that you know the types of uPVC solutions offered by AIS Windows, let us read about what sets them apart.

Sturdy and Long-Lasting

uPVC windows and doors offered by AIS Windows are tenacious and can comfortably withstand severe temperature differentials, moisture, strong gushes of wind, and much more. This material is entirely rust and termite-free and lasts for years on end without losing its colour or finish. Unlike other materials, uPVC structures do not expand or contract under the presence of humidity.

Design Variety

AIS uPVC window and door solutions are stylish, modern, and readily available in several designs, colours, and finishes. The inherent nature of this material allows it to be bent into any shape, size, and dimension without losing its strength. Also, whether you are looking for a wooden finish or a matt pastel colour on your frames, uPVC can match your home’s décor requirements perfectly.

Safety and Security

uPVC frames offer heightened security for you and your family members. Windows and doors made from this material can incorporate multiple locking systems installed at different parts of the structure. For instance, apart from the primary lock, which is usually on one side of the door, AIS uPVC windows and doors can house locks on the bottom also. This feature significantly heightens security as now an unwanted intruder needs to pick multiple locks installed at different locations of the frame to get in.


The uPVC windows and doors manufactured by AIS Windows are ridiculously low-maintenance. These frames are resistant to scratches and do not attract a lot of debris. Despite this, it is a good idea to wipe your uPVC frames clean with a soft damp cloth once a month to ensure that they don’t have loosened lumps of dirt or grime sticking to them.

Provides Insulation

uPVC frames offered by AIS Windows insulate your home or office from dust, pollution, noise, and rain. Furthermore, this material is also resistant to ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) rays. Remember that these rays don’t just affect you, but also your furnishings. Overexposure to UV and IR can fade your carpets, rugs, and upholstery. uPVC frames coupled with energy-efficient glazing usher in heaps of natural light but keep solar glare and other harmful rays at bay.

Over to You

If you need help with selecting the right kind of uPVC windows and doors, look no further than AIS Windows. We have years of experience tending to various glass-related needs. Give us a call or visit our website and allow our team of experts to help you every step of the way – from selection to installation to after-sales support.

To get the best out of uPVC windows and doors, give us a call at 1800-103-4805 to receive an expert consultation today!

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