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5 Reasons Why Casement Windows are Better for Your Home

Posted 6:34 am, December 4, 2020 by AIS Windows / Category: Casement Windows
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“Set wide the window. Let me drink the day,” said Edith Wharton, the great American writer, and designer while elaborating the significance of windows in our homes. Allowing ample light in, adding an aesthetic appeal and character to the building, windows play a critical role in our home’s exterior and interiors.
With several beautiful designs available in the market, it can be tricky to pick the right window for your house. Fulfilling a variety of functions such as security, safety, ventilation, and energy-efficiency, casement windows have become suitable investments for homeowners. Casement windows are in-demand among those wanting to give their homes a classic yet a sleek look. But, let’s first understand what these windows are.

How do Casement Windows Work?
Also known as crank windows, casement windows usually hinge at the side and open to the left or right. They are attached to their frame through either or more hinges to break out at a 90-degree angle. Sometimes, the hinges are positioned on top of the window, and professionals refer to them as awning casement windows. If the hinges are placed at the base of the frame, they are known as hoppers.
Apart from an absolute easy-to-use mechanism and clean design, these windows offer a myriad of benefits for your home. Here are five reasons why casement windows are the better choice for your home.

Versatile Design for a Slew of Property Styles
Available in striking colours and exciting designs, casement windows can be paired with wooden, aluminium, and uPVC frames to enhance the look of your home. These windows suit modern apartments and go well with cottages, Victorian-style properties, Tuscan, and Shingle design homes.

Increased Ventilation and Light
Due to a wide opening on more than one hinge, casement windows can provide incredible ventilation and lighting opportunities. Since the sashes open to the left and the right, they often seize the breeze and bring it indoors, offering natural air-conditioning.
A significant reason why people prefer installing a casement window in their home is the amount of light it ushers in. This makes it an apt choice for kitchens, bathrooms, small openings, and even bedrooms. Placed on a higher level with top hinges, these windows can open up to provide large outlets for sunlight to light up dark corners of a room.

Energy Savings and Weatherproof
Casement windows are prevailing amidst homeowners for being tremendously energy-efficient. The locking mechanism and the fact that the window sash presses firmly on the four sides of the frame creates an airtight seal. Casement windows don’t allow the weather in, and after latching properly, they seal even better.
Sustainable and energy-saving fenestration solutions have gained immense popularity in the last decade. Casement windows not only do an impressive job at lowering your electricity bills, but they also prevent air, wind, snow, and rain from seeping in and disturbing your comfort.

Easy-to-Clean and Easy-to-Use
Modern and innovative casement windows are being coupled with uPVC and aluminium frames, making them easier to clean. All you need is a vacuum cleaner or a dry scrap and a damp cloth to brush off the dust and cleanse it afterward. Besides, because of their operating mechanism, householders can reach, examine, and clean the windows easily.
Casement windows nowadays come with a hand crank, making the process of opening and closing windows less strenuous for people. Homeowners admit that turning the crank is even simpler than pushing or pulling up sashes. A significant advantage of having casement windows in your home is the increased accessibility for the elderly and differently-abled.

Different Types at One’s Disposal
Casement windows have been in demand to style homes for centuries. Usually available in a single sash, now they are offered in diverse types. Push-out and French casement windows are known for enhancing the charm of the space while allowing an abundance of natural light in. The contemporary look of casement windows, where they offer wider openings are being preferred for kitchens, patios, entrances, backyards, balconies, bedrooms, and decks.
However, casement windows are also fitting for homes where you want to mix-and-match. Not only do casement windows can be placed in different ways, but they also present an opportunity to fashion them with plain grills, stained glass, ornamental bar grills, and wooden shutters. Homeowners can use crank windows to accentuate the vertical lines, narrow openings, and tall structures of their homes. Multipoint locking systems and properly-fitted cranks make casement windows safer solutions for your family too.

If you are scouting for a convenient yet stylish home window replacement, casement windows will make the cut for you. Present in so many designs with such all-purpose functionality, these windows have a lot to offer your home.
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