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5 Causes of Noise Pollution

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Causes of Noise Pollution

It is a marvel that man takes due notice of nature’s wrath without ever considering that his creative powers hold within them the potential to destroy his own milieu – this statement pretty much sums up the present-day world where pollution is more about what we have done as opposed to what nature has. And of all the types of pollution that exist, the most underrated of them all is noise pollution.

By virtue of definition, noise pollution is an excessive amount of noise that disrupts the natural and healthy way of life. This noise could either be unnatural in its volume or the way it is being produced. The constant beeping of your home appliances, the honking of the cars on the streets, the loud music played during festivals are all factors that contribute to noise pollution. As these noises always surround us, we have become accustomed to them. It is only when they wreak havoc on our sleep cycles and become a significant health hazard that we even take notice of them. Noise pollution can have severe effects on our health. Health ailments such as hypertension, headaches, cardiovascular diseases, and hearing loss are all caused due to being exposed to loud noise consistently.

Various Causes of Noise Pollution

The following five factors can be safely called the significant contributors to the on-going problem of noise pollution –


Have you ever been woken up to the sound of a drill? Not an ideal sound that you want to begin your morning with. Most industries use big machines that are capable of emanating a large amount of noise. Not only this, even various types of equipment like compressors, generators, grinding mills, etc. contribute to producing loud noise. Due to this, residential areas near industries are habitually subjected to disturbance and nuisance. The loud noise is not only a health hazard for the residents living around these areas, but it is also hazardous for the workers working in these industries.

Social Events

Noise is at its peak during social events. From religious functions to wedding ceremonies, when it comes to social events, people casually break rules which are set by the local administration. Loud music is played till midnight in these social gatherings, which becomes a cause of nuisance for people living nearby.


The noise pollution caused by vehicles on the roads is a major concern, especially in metropolitan cities. Cars honking in the streets, airplanes flying over houses, subways and trains, all produce noise. People who are exposed to high levels of noise pollution daily tend to develop physical and psychological ailments that can cause permanent damage such as hearing impairment, hypertension, anxiety, and irritability, sleep disturbances, ischemic heart disease, among others.

Construction Activities

As a result of overpopulation and increased urbanisation, more and more construction activities are being undertaken every day. On the one hand, the construction of dams, bridges, buildings, roads, etc., showcases the development in the urban space, but on the other hand, it is also one of the major contributors to noise pollution.

Household Chores

Whether it’s the rumbling sound of a washing machine or the buzzing of a mixer grinder, life at home also is marked by a cacophony of noises. The noises that are emitted during household chores or from household gadgets, although aren’t major contributors to noise pollution, do affect the quality of life at home. They mess with your peace of mind by not allowing you a moment of respite.

Soundproof Windows: The Need of the Hour

Noise pollution might be considered harmless, but the truth is that it has far-reaching and severe consequences. Prevention of noise pollution is essential for you and your family’s well-being. The world around us is noisier than ever, but it is necessary to not let outside noise disrupt the sanctity of our homes or interfere with our leisure time. Not only homes, but offices, hospitals, and schools also need to be shielded against the beast of noise pollution. The easiest and most effective solution is to install soundproof windows.

So what are soundproof windows? Soundproof windows are windows that are specially designed to reduce sound levels by acting as a sound barrier. Apart from reducing noise levels, there are many other benefits of installing soundproof windows. Given below are some of them –

Higher Productivity

Noise can be very distracting. Installing soundproof windows can block unnecessary outside noise and can help you concentrate on your work. A higher level of concentration will lead to higher productivity. Thus, soundproof windows become an essential addition to schools and workplaces as they help the students and employees to perform better.


Soundproof windows reduce the amount of air infiltration and also lead to reduced convection – energy exchange. This feature of soundproof windows helps to insulate your space. As a result, you save quite significantly on air-conditioning bills during summers and heating expenses during the colder months.

Improved Overall Well-Being

Besides providing you with the peace that is imperative for sound sleep, soundproof windows are typically sealed in a manner that no dust, pollen, or other harmful contaminants can invade your space. This ensures the overall well-being of you and your family.

Increased Real-Estate Value

Opting for soundproof windows also adds value to your property and becomes a worthy investment for the future. While selling your property, soundproof windows that also serve to reduce utility bills will make your property more desirable in the market.

Looking for experts who can help you with the best soundproof solutions in the market? Look no further than AIS Windows. As a subsidiary of Asahi India Glass Limited, we at AIS Windows offer a wide variety of window solutions for residential and commercial spaces. We understand the importance of having calm and peaceful surroundings, which is why our products are designed to ensure best-in-class sound-insulation. Our soundproof windows reduce external noise to up to 40 decibels. Our highly-trained engineers will guide you from the stage of selection up until installation and even provide post-installation services.

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