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26 Aug

4 Tips to find the best UPVC manufacturers

Posted 6:29 am, August 26, 2021 by AIS Windows / Category: Uncategorized

Your home’s architecture and overall aesthetics are primarily determined by the doors and windows you use in them. This is why it is of utmost importance that you choose the same with a lot of care. Remember, a beautifully constructed home can lose its lustre when fitted with poorly manufactured doors and windows. In order to get the best possible doors and windows in your home, you should ideally consult with the top UPVC manufacturers in the country. 

Now, before we tell you now you can spot the best UPVC manufacturers a mile away, let’s first understand what UPVC even is.

What are UPVC doors and windows?

uPVC Doors & Windows

UPVC is an acronym for Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride and is a plastic-like material used to build the frames of doors and windows. In general, UPVC is the most suited for windows and doors with double-glazed glass, as they can easily support the same. Modern homes are built keeping in mind a variety of factors such as thermal insulation, noise insulation, weather-proofing, etc. UPVC windows and doors help homeowners incorporate these handy solutions by providing a sturdy and durable frame within which these special glasses can be set.

One of the most common concerns of homeowners is that since UPVC is a type of plastic, it might be prone to snapping quite easily. Well, this is where reliable UPVC manufacturers come into play. The best UPVC manufacturers (like us) have years of experience and high-tech equipment that helps them design and develop doors and windows that are stunning and strong. In other words, doors and windows bought from the top UPVC manufacturers will not only make your home look great but will also last for years on end.

How can you find the best UPVC manufacturers?

As consumers, it can be challenging to narrow down as every company will naturally claim to be the best one. Fortunately, there are a few factors you can keep in mind to identify the best UPVC manufacturers. Some of these are:

  1. A wide range of high-quality products

    The first thing you’ve got to take a look at is the product catalogue of the UPVC manufacturers you’re evaluating. Once you have an assurance that they have a wide variety of products and designs, it’s time to verify the quality. Head over to the UPVC manufacturers’ warehouse or storerooms (if possible) to have a look at the quality of the frames they provide. If they feel flimsy, you know that the people you are dealing with can’t possibly be the best UPVC manufacturers.

    As far as variety goes, see their sliding doors, casement windows, tilt and turn windows, picture windows, and bay windows. This should give you a good idea of what different UPVC manufacturers can offer. 

  2. Installation services

    Buying any architectural element for your home comes with a few specific hurdles – how can you transport them to your home, and how can you install them? Ideally, these are services that UPVC manufacturers should provide. 

    Product installation is a key part of the delivery process, and you cannot always expect your trusty carpenter to do the needful. An inexperienced person may end up damaging the product, which will only add to your overall expenses. Thus, one of the first things you should ask UPVC manufacturers is whether they will deliver and install their products in your home. If they don’t, it’s time to find someone else!

  3. Top-notch features 

    We don’t typically think of windows as having features; however, the truth is that they do. When it comes to UPVC windows, which are largely made of glass, there are certain security features that the frame should come with to help you rest easy and sleep soundly at night. Some of these features include:

    • Multiple seals
    • Double insulation
    • Steel reinforcements
    • Multiple locking points

    UPVC manufacturers that do not offer these features may not be the right ones for you. 

  4. Product customisation

    More often than not, builders and developers order pre-designed frames in bulk to install in their apartments. As a result, there are many UPVC manufacturers who only offer specific designs, as a vast portion of their operations goes into bulk development. As a homeowner, there is no guarantee that you’ll end up liking these pre-designed products. Conversely, you may like them, but they may not be apt for your home. As a result, you need to be able to customise the product. 

UPVC manufacturers that do not have designers or customisation services may not be the right option for you. Many factors go into making your home grand, and your choice of colour and overall design of the doors and windows is a really big one. So, make sure you only elect to work with UPVC manufacturers who can offer customisation services. 

At AIS Windows, we not only offer a broad range of beautiful designs but also have an in-house team that can work with you on any customisations you want. Our UPVC windows and doors are fitted only with the highest-quality glass (sourced from our parent company, AIS Glass). Our ability to deliver and install our beautiful products within set deadlines is what makes us the best UPVC manufacturers you can work with! 

To know why we are the only UPVC manufacturers you should consider while building your dream home, get in touch today!

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