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3 Overlooked Benefits of Glass Windows

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3 Overlooked Benefits of Glass Windows

Can you think of homes without windows?

If not for windows, interiors would be dark and dreary, and probably feel stuffy and dingy. But thanks to glass windows, such uncomfortable and unhealthy interiors can be avoided.

In the past, before glass was invented, windows were commonly made of paper, cloth, or animal hide, and sometimes with thin slices of marbles. Glass windows were a luxury in the late 1600s. Even then, only the important rooms were applicable for a window unit.

Finally, it was in the early 1800s that glass windows became a staple in homes.

Importance of Glass windows

Firstly, windows along with doors, offer substantial structural stability to our homes. Based on the window and door placement, the entire layout of the home is planned.

Apart from this, glass windows are responsible for ventilation and cross-ventilation. They create a smooth passage for fumes, vapours, and air to flow in-and-out of homes. This prevents the indoors from feeling stifling and stale.

If there was no window, your home’s indoors would never see the light, as they allow natural light to flood in, creating a brighter and cheerful indoor atmosphere. Lastly, quality glass windows can add to the overall visual appeal of any space.

This is why you must think about windows as vital amenities.

Why Choose Glass Windows?

Isn’t glass fragile? It breaks away even with a simple projectile impact, posing major injury risks. This is especially common during events like burglar intrusions, earthquakes, storm, and more. Then how can glass windows keep us safe?

Surprisingly, they can! Glass is no longer a fragile component. It has undergone several technological advancements to become stronger, durable, and invulnerable to stress-induced impact. Furthermore, several chemical processes can be employed to manufacture different types of value-added glass that offer high impact-resistance, thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, and more.

Best of all, glass is easy to maintain. It collects no dust, dirt, or corrosion over time. This is why it is an excellent choice for windows.

Listed below are the three most overlooked benefits of glass windows.

Different Glazing, Different Benefits

Nowadays, various glazing solutions are available for glass windows. And each glazing solution offers a different functionality. Based on your architectural needs, you can choose an appropriate glazing solution.

Look at the range of glass available – frosted, tempered, laminated, tinted, low-E, fire-resistant, acoustic glass, among others.

For energy-efficiency, using low-E glass windows are recommended. Their high thermal insulation property can prevent heat ingress significantly. Additionally, they offer protection against solar glare and harmful UV rays.

If your requirement is safety and security, install safety glasses like tempered or laminated glass. In case of breakage, these glasses shatter away into blunt, cube-like pieces or remain stuck to the special PVB interlayer in between, respectively. This lowers the risk of serious injury.

Moreover, single, double, triple, and even more glazing solutions can be used for the glass windows. They are a highly customisable architectural element.

A Variety of Style Options

Of the various architectural elements, the flexibility of glass remains unmatched. It can be used to create multiple window styles. Be it bay, double-hung, casement, slider, or top-hung styles, glass windows are compatible with them all.

Use bigger window frames for unobstructed outside views or smaller frames when the space is limited. They can be outfitted with diverse profiles like wood, aluminium, or uPVC to create the desired look. Plus, they can be painted or powder-coloured to complement the overall colour scheme of your space.

No matter the interior décor in your home, without fitting windows, your interiors will look odd. In fact, glass window styles have a major influence on the overall appeal of your space.

This is why choosing a style that complements your interior and exterior décor is essential.

Ventilation + Lighting for Brighter Indoors

What happens when there’s no easy passage for the air? Simply put – your home’s indoors start to become stifling. If there is no proper provision for ventilation, your space will start to smell foul. Living in such a space means inviting health risks, for it becomes a breeding ground for germs.

Appropriate glass windows resolve this. They can keep the indoor atmosphere comfortable and healthy by offering a passage for seamless airflow. It assists in facilitating ventilation and cross-ventilation. For this to happen, however, proper window placement is needed.

Additionally, glass windows can increase natural light entering your home. You can use bay windows, skylights, fixed units, or large corner glass windows to improve the “daylighting” in your space.

Not to forget, illumination from natural light provides the illusion of an expansive space. So your interiors look bigger than they are.

Best of all, this can vastly affect your mood too – exposure to sunlight is scientifically proven to produce serotonin, a hormone that curbs stress.

The Bottom Line

As you can infer, glass windows are more important than you think. This is why if you’re planning to build a new home or remodel your existing one, you should consider the style, placement, and glazing solution for your glass windows.

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